BRACKET – The MacBook Pro Retina Cable Dock

BRACKET - The MacBook Pro Retina Cable Dock

Project Bracket


No electronics. No moving parts. Just high-grade aluminium. Because simple works!

If you are someone who needs to keep plugging the cables in and out of your laptop, then we can understand what you have to go through. Plugging in and pulling back out can be a constant pain if you need to keep doing it repeatedly. However, there has finally come a solution for this called Bracket. This new device is for the Macbook Pro retina screened laptop owners. This is going to accommodate most of the wires which come along with connections such as power, two Thunderbolt, USB, headphones.

The Bracket is basically a cable dock which has been designed to allow the users to free themselves from the constant task of plugging and unplugging cables whilst at your desk. So basically this has the ability to wrap up all your cables into a single device. This product however isn’t available commercially and it only exists as a project on Kickstarter at the moment. The device is on the crowd funding website to raise enough contributions which are going to take it away from merely a concept to a real product.

“Bracket is a minimalistic designed high quality accessory that keeps your MacBook Pro Retina cables fixed and organized. The simple functionality ensures accurate positions and stability and enables you to plug in all of your cables in just one-plug. Because we want to make cable plugging easier and because simple works!”

Bracket was designed to solve our everyday cable hassle at the office. We do not believe that our situation is unique. We know that there is a lot of people out there just like us, therefore we decided to start Project-Bracket – a Kickstarter campaign with the purpose of putting Bracket into production. We hope that you will help us realise Bracket, so life can get a little bit less complicated.” 

The Bracket Cable Pack consist of four quality cables:

2 x Male Mini Display Port to male DVI,

2 m 1 x Male USB to female USB,

20 cm 1 x Male Stereo jack to female stereo jack, 20 cm


Project Bracket

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