Brett Favre Now Says Tom Brady Is Better Than Peyton Manning

Brett Favre Now Says Tom Brady Is Better Than Peyton Manning

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  • Brett Favre says Tom Brady is better than Peyton Manning.
  • Favre wasn’t also the first choice for his role in “There’s Something About Mary.”
  • The first two choices were Drew Bledsoe and Steve Young.

Brett Favre now says Tom Brady is a better quarterback than Peyton Manning. Several weeks ago, he declared Manning was better than Brady.

Brett Favre has changed his mind: He now thinks Tom Brady is a better quarterback than Peyton Manning.

CBS Sports‘ Josh Katzowitz reported on Favre’s change of heart on Nov. 8:

“If you asked Brett Favre late last month who we thought was the NFL’s best quarterback is, he would have said Peyton Manning. A couple weeks later, though, Favre changed his mind.

“‘We’ve learned not to write Tom Brady off,’ Favre said this week in a video post on ‘Today’s game, he is the best quarterback out there. Not taking anything away from anybody else. He’s proven he can get it done.’

“OK, you can see why he’d say that, especially since Brady’s (New England) Patriots squad just dominated Manning’s (Denver) Broncos team in a game in which Manning said he simply stunk.


“Contrast Favre’s statement with what he said in late October when asked to pick between Brady and Manning after Manning had taken away Favre’s career passing touchdowns record.

“‘Oh man. Tom has gotten it done lately with a lot less but…that’s a toss up. I’d have to go with Peyton, I believe,’ Favre said.

“Still, even then, Favre hedge his bets with Brady. ‘But you can’t go wrong with [him] either. Tom Brady, everyone’s kind of written him off, and I think that’s foolish to write him off. He’s got a lot of good football left.’

“‘We just didn’t know he’s have so much good football in the next two weeks that it would cause Favre to change his mind so quickly.” 

In another develpment, it turns out Favre wasn’t the first choice to play his role in the 1998 hit movie “There’s Something About Mary,” per

“If Brett Favre knew then what he knows now, the retired quarterback would not have taken the cameo role in the smash hit comedy ‘There’s Something About Mary.’

“The future of Hall of Famer admitted this week that he had no idea he was the third choice for a role as Cameron Diaz’s ex-boyfriend in the popular 1998 romantic comedy. In an appearance on the ‘The Rich Eisen Show,’ directors Peter and Bobby Farrelly said they initially approached Drew Bledsoe and Steve Young before settling on Favre. 

“Bledsoe was the brothers’ top pick because they grew up in Rhode Island and were lifelong New England Patriots fans. But Bledsoe declined, as the filming was taking place shortly after Bledsoe made headlines for jumping off the stage at a concert and he wanted to focus on football.

“Young, whom Diaz’s character admits to having a crush on, declined for religious reasons.

“[After Bledsoe turned it down] we went to Steve Young,’ the brothers told Eisen. ‘And Steve Young called one day and said, ‘That’s the funniest script I’ve ever read. But I cannot do it, because if I do it, it’s R-rated, and I know all the Mormon kids will be sneaking in and I wouldn’t feel good about that.’ Stand-up guy…then we went to Favre.’

“The film turned out to be a huge hit, the highest-grossing North American comedy from 1998 and an instant classic. It sparked the careers of both Ben Stiller and Cameron Diaz. While Favre was smart not to quit his day job, his role is remembered fondly by fans of the film.

“When the film debuted in 1998, Favre had just been named NFL MVP for the third straight year and he was coming off two consecutive trips to the Super Bowl. He joked that he wouldn’t have done the movie had he known he was the directors’ third choice, but looking back on the experience he says he had a good time.

“‘I just remember it being a lot of fun,’ Favre told Eisen. ‘It was something very different from what I’d been used to. If I ever felt like a rookie, this was the time. The guys were patient, very nice, enjoyed the crew. My wife and I went down, went out to dinner with the whole crew.'” 

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