Brett Favre’s Daughter On Greatest Lesson She Learned From Her Dad: ‘You Just Have To Put In The Work’

Brett Favre's Daughter On Greatest Lesson She Learned From Her Dad: 'You Just Ha

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  • Brett Favre’s daughter had an exclusive interview with Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman on June 3.

Brittany Favre-Mallion, daughter of Brett Favre, shared her experiences growing up with a famous NFL quarterback in an exclusive June 3 interview with Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman.

Brittany Favre-Mallion is all praises for her father, former Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre. 

In an exclusive interview with Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman on June 3, Favre-Mallion, a budding lawyer, said the biggest lesson she learned from her father was hard work:

“The most important lesson I learned from my dad is that at the end of the day, you just have to put in the work. There’s really no way around it. Money can get you to a point, fame can get you a little further, but no one is going to pay me if I can’t do my job well. Connections are a foot in the door, but I have to keep the door open. 

“I remember one day during the offseason, I was in high school, and Dad woke me up on Saturday morning at some ungodly hour. He said, ‘Get up. Let’s go for a run.’ I told him he was out of his mind if he thought I was going to get up for a run.

“I didn’t even open my eyes and told him, ‘I don’t want to go for a run today.’

“He responded, ‘I don’t want to go for a run today, either. But you know those guys that’ll be chasing me around on the field in a few months? They’re running today.’

“I’ll never forget that. At that point, he was already successful, held records, had fame, money and all that comes with being an exceptional athlete. He didn’t start there, though, not even close. I forget that a lot. 

“I’ve caught myself saying things like, ‘You wouldn’t understand,’ or we ‘We can’t all be famous athletes.’

“It’s funny, because he had no reason to believe he could be a record-breaking quarterback. He just wanted to be great, and he was willing to put in the work. Just because I decided to go to law school didn’t mean I was going to pop into a courtroom three years later in a suit and just be a lawyer. It all comes down to the work.

“My parents also taught me a lot about balance. They pushed me when I needed it, but they also told me to slow down when I needed it. I have a husband and two beautiful boys. Success is great, but if it comes at the expense of my family, it means nothing. 

“My family knows the price we’ve had to pay for success, and it hasn’t always been happy or easy. My parents had no reference for how to handle balancing new success with family stability, so I’m lucky that I’ve been able to use their experience in my own home. 

“I’ve learned that ‘building a career’ is not a healthy mindset. I have to build a life. I’m happy with the outcome so far, but I know I have a lot to learn.”

Freeman also asked Favre-Mallion how was it like to grow up having an NFL quarterback for a father. She said she pretty much grew up being a part of the Packers organization:

“It’s hard to explain just how meaningful it was growing up within the Packers organization. Obviously my childhood was unique. My dad was playing football when I was born, and my first son watched his final season. Football has been  my life, and most of it was in Green Bay.

“I remember getting breakfast at the stadium before Dad dropped me off at school. When I was younger, we had players and coaches and their families over all the time. I loved sitting and listening to their stories, hearing them tell jokes, doing impressions of each other and talking about locker-room pranks. 

“Those were happy times. People that we were close to started slowly moving away, or moving on, and that’s what made that lifestyle difficult for me. We grew close to families, then in a matter of days, they’ve moved across the country with their next team. 

“I look back on it now and wish that I had done more to take it all in, but I think that what made it so special was that it wasn’t some mesmerizing experience. It was comfortable. It was normal for me to walk into the training room in the evenings with Dad, grab a handful of the gum they always kept on the counter and wander around the facilities. 

“It didn’t seem like a worthwhile story to tell my friends that I ran around the hallways of one of the most famous stadiums in the country, because it was another home.”

Favre-Mallion told Freeman one of the funniest experiences she had with her father was during her middle school days when the muffler of his white Chevy truck fell off. He decided to chain it to the bumper instead of taking it to the mechanic. 

As Favre drove her to school, the muffler kept scraping the speed bumps along the way. This created sparks and loud noises during the ride. Favre-Mallion felt embarrassed when her schoolmates witnessed the entire ordeal, per Freeman.

Favre dropped by the Minnesota Vikings’ practice facility on /4/29, a day after the first session of organized team activities (OTAs) this season ended, per The St. Paul Pioneer Press’ Chris Tomasson. 

Several current Vikings players, including wide receivers Charles Johnson and Donte Foster, were in awe of Favre, who suited up for the Vikings from 2009-10. They took to Twitter to express their admiration, although Johnson misspelled Favre’s last name:

According to Tomasson, eight of Favre’s teammates from the 2010 roster are still active: Adrian Peterson, Phil Loadholt, John Sullivan, Everson Griffen, Brian Robison, Chad Greenway, Marcus Sherels and Cullen Loeffler. 

Favre is almost a sure bet to make the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2016, his first year of eligibility, per The St. Paul Pioneer Press

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