Bristol Palin wept before the Police describing Palin Brawl

Bristol Palin wept before the Police in Wasilla Incident

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  • Bristol Palin describes Wasilla Brawl.
  • Sarah Palin slams the bag guys.
  • Police recorded statements of those on the scene.

Bristol Palin openly wept before the police authorities in the Wasilla brawl that took place some time ago.

The family of Sarah Palin has remained mum about what happened on September 6th in Wasilla. It was a bloody brawl alright and the family members of Sarah Palin were involved. However, now the law enforcement authorities have obtained audio-related evidence of what the role of Palin’s family was in the scuffle. 

Sarah, Bristol and Willow were the major participants in the tiff. The results as evident in the acoustic rendering are not very civilized to hear. Bristol can be discerned in the recording drunk as a skunk as she bawls to the police about losing her shoes. 

Willow uses the “eff” word several times to the face of the police officers. And Sarah can be clearly heard urging the cops to go after the bad guys. One of the partygoers said that they were all having a wonderful time together when suddenly the Palins appeared on the scene and after that the shit hit the fan.  

A serious fist fight had broken loose between Korey Klingenmeyer and several people from the Palin family. The end result was total chaos. Willow says in the recording that a 60 year old lady pushed and punched her. Then she says that Bristol too got punched. 

Bristol meanwhile said that some dude had punched her and pushed her down on the ground and dragged her through the grass. Willow pointed a finger at Korey and described his red shirt. Sarah can be heard scolding Willow and telling her not to use curse words. 

Sarah Palin meanwhile started arguing loudly with the cops about why they had let the bad guys go. She questioned them regarding their detaining her two daughters Bristol and Willow. 

As Bristol spoke her slurred drunken words that made equal brothers of sense and nonsense, matters came to a head. According to Korey though it was Bristol Palin who started the whole thing and she had been the original aggressor.  

Source: Radaronline , ExtraTV


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