Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea’s Pretty Girls Video Released

Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea's Pretty Girls Video Released

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Video of ‘Pretty Girls’ by Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea has finally been released!

The video for the song ‘Pretty Girls’ has been released and shows what happens when a California valley girl and a Martian meet in the 80’s. The highly anticipated video was released on Wednesday and is full of references to the 80’s pop culture. The 33 year old singer Britney and the 24 year old Iggy, have made a funny female focused video where both of them get to feature their expertise.  

The video starts with Britney as a valley girl chilling at her pool when a UFO crashes in her pool. Iggy seems to be occupant of the UFO and is supposedly from Mars, while Britney the fun loving girl takes Iggy under her wing. What follows is an 80’s themed makeover of the Martian Iggy complete with crimped hair and then the girls cruise around California in a yellow jeep.

The video apparently shows Martians have superpowers which can make ATM machines to shoot out cash like crazy. Britney and Iggy then dance around in a parking lot as cash fly’s all around them.

The song even contains an interlude where two more valley girls join Britney and Iggy, as Iggy tries her best valley accent filled with ‘Totally’s’ and ‘Like’s’. Iggy then goes on to turn Britney’s 80’s clunky cell phone into a 2015 smartphone by Samsung just by using her laser powered eyes. 

The duo then head over to a club where they show off their dance moves. Especially Britney who gets to show off highly choreographed dances twice in the video full with back up dancers, which is sort of her signature move. Iggy also gets her moment of the spotlight when she has a solo rap break in the song as she enters the club. 

Watch below the video of Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea’s Pretty Girls.

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