Brook Lopez Describes Brother Robin As ‘An Idiot’ In NY Post Interview

Brook Lopez Describes Brother Robin As 'An Idiot' In NY Post Interview

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  • Brook Lopez describes his brother Robin as “an idiot.”
  • Lopez made the comment during a Nov. 8 interview with The New York Post.
  • Nets head coach Lionel Hollins says making Lopez better “is a priority.”

Brooklyn Nets center Brook Lopez described his brother, Portland Trail Blazers center Robin Lopez, as “an idiot” in a Nov. 8 interview with The New York Post.

It turns out Brook Lopez thinks his brother Robin is an idiot.

This was what Brook, the Brooklyn Nets center, told The New York Post‘s Steve Serby on Nov. 8. Here is an excerpt of the interview:

“Q.’Describe your mother Deborah.’

“A: ‘It’s really hard to put into words. She’s just done so much for us over the years, how much she’s sacrificed…She raised four big boys on a single mom’s public school teaching salary. She’d drive us all around L.A. and then Fresno getting us to practices, dropping [twin brother] Robin and I off to practice, going to pick [brother] Chris up from somewhere else, setting [brother] Alex up.

‘Whatever we wanted or needed from her, she’d go out of her way to get. She let us try everything out, we weren’t strictly basketball players. She got us interested in art, she took us to the Getty Museum out in L.A. She read to us all the time, got us interested in other stuff that is a little more outside the box.’

“Q: ‘Did you miss having a relationship with your father?’

“A: ‘I was very young when my parents got divorced, so having just a mom was all I knew. To me, that’s the prototypical, traditional family (chuckle). It worked out perfectly, she did so much for us. We didn’t need anything else.’

“Q: ‘Your father has not tried to get a hold of you at all?’

“A: ‘No, not from my knowledge.’

“Q: ‘Describe your grandmother.’

“A: ‘The first thing we’d do when we got to her house, we’d go into her little library, her book room…from children’s books up to novels, we’d go and pull ’em down, and just go to town reading all of them (chuckle).'”

Serby then gets to the heart of the matter, asking Lopez about his brother Robin, who plays for the Portland Trail Blazers:

“Q: ‘You text Robin every day?’

“A: ‘Yeah, yeah, we never talk on the phone but we text all the time, Facebook chat all the time.’

“Q: ‘In 25 words or less, personality-wise, what’s the difference between you and Robin?’

“A.: ‘Robin’s an idiot.’

“Q.: ‘You obviously want him to read this.’

“A.: ‘Yeah, yeah…Robin’s a complete moron.'”

Serby’s colleague at The New York Post, Tim Bontemps, writes about the relationship between Brook Lopez and Nets head coach Lionel Hollins:

“Given Lopez’s deficiencies and Hollins’ penchant for speaking his mind publicly, there was going to produce some fireworks. That was evident a week heading into training camp, when Hollins called out Lopez for throwing lackadaisical passes, and then said he expected to see growth from Lopez.

“‘Making Brook a better basketball player is a priority,’ Hollins said after that practice. ‘Being tougher, being more aggressive, thinking that every time the play is for him, but also being a guy that’s passing the ball to his open teammates.

“‘Just being more aggressive, being tougher, rebounding better…just being a force in the paint. When you’re 7-foot, 260, I’d like for him to be a force, but I would like all of our big guys to play tougher, more aggressive.’ 

“You can see the balancing act Hollins is going through. After Sunday’s game, he had no problem saying Lopez was ‘watching’ (Orlando) Magic center Nikola Vucevic make one jumper after another, and that Hollins ‘needed somebody that was going to stop [Vucevic] from taking those shots.’ So Hollins went with (Kevin) Garnett in the fourth quarter.

“At the same time, Hollins said ‘Brook played fine,’ and ‘hopefully the next time we play, our regular lineup will work.’

“One thing is for certain: Hollins isn’t going to bury Lopez on the bench repeatedly. While (former Nets head coach Jason) Kidd clearly was a fan of playing with a small-ball approach, Hollins has been open about his preference for playing big lineups, and doesn’t want to deviate from that.” 

The 26-year-old Lopez has averaged 18.0 points, 7.3 rebounds and 1.4 assists in 346 career regular-season games for the Nets, per ESPN stats

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