Bruce Jenner’s Mom Said Hallelujah When He Divorced Kris Jenner

Bruce Jenner's Mom Said Hallelujah When He Divorced Kris Jenner

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Bruce Jenner’s Mom Said Hallelujah When He Divorced Kris Jenner

Bruce Jenner‘s mom is a happy mother following her son’s divorce with Kris Jenner. The mother, Esther Jenner told Daily Mailthat she literary said Hallelujah when the marriage between the two stars came to an end.

As a matter of fact, Esther said that Bruce is nowadays happier because she can sense the smile in his voice. This is the first time Bruce’s mother is openly discussing her son’s marriage.

In fact, she has always lied low for the last twenty three years but now that the couple is no more, she felt comfortable to express her concerns.

Esther stated that Kris was a control freak who wanted everyone to dance to her tune. “That’s accurate. I don’t know why she is. I don’t think she treated anybody very well,” Esther said.

“She could insult you with a big smile on her face, i know. What do you do with a person like that? You are going to avoid them if possible. She was backstabbing as far as my grandchildren were concerned, and that is something i can’t stand.

“She’s domineering-it’s do it her way, or there’s no way. I had very little to do with Kris. I stayed away from her as much as i could.” According to Esther, Bruce has gone back to his former self and he is not alone because his children are always there for him.

“He is ecstatically happy right now. When i talk to him i can hear it in his voice and he’s spending a lot more time with his kids. I don’t think he’s a bit lonely. He seems like he’s himself again”

“Since he has got his freedom he has his own checkbook and doesn’t have to ask Kris for money which he’s had to do, he couldn’t even buy one of his little helicopters without asking her for money. He’s not shy about telling you that she controlled the money,” Esther added.

“Bruce sounds so much happier now, when i talk to him he sounds like himself. I’m delighted.” Esther said the divorce came as a surprise to her because Bruce did not give her any hint. She however noted that the divorce might have been initiated by her son due to the way he was carrying himself in the presence of his mother. She pointed out that it would be better if Kris stopped calling herself a Jenner because she is no longer one.

“The last time i was down there Bruce was taking me back to Oxnard to get the plane, we were in a little park in Malibu and reporters were all over him asking him questions…he didn’t even admit to me that he already had the house rented in Malibu, and at that time he’d already made the break.”

” I have a feeling it was him (that made the break,) the way things were going. I hope she changes her name back to Kardashian i don’t want her to carry the name.”

The former Olympic games medalist has been so secretive on the reasons behind his divorces. In fact, his mother does not have any idea about what /4/have caused Bruce and Kris to part ways. Bruce had earlier married two ladies but just like Kris, they all left him. Despite that, his mother is willing to patiently wait until the day her son will open up.

“Why? Bruce never told me why he and Chrystie got a divorce, he never told me why him and Linda got a divorce, he has never told me why he and Kris got a divorce and i’m not going to push him,” Esther said.

Esther said she regretted turning up for the Kardashian show last year. The grandma does not think Kris’s book is appropriate because she was still in another marriage when she authored the book.










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