Buhel SOUNDglass SG05: World’s First Sunglasses that Receive Sound

Buhel SOUNDglass SG05: World’s First Sunglasses that Receive Sound

The SOUNDglass SG05 has BCT(Bone Conduction Technology) that will help in hearing supersonic sounds.

These are the world’s first sunglasses that have BCT. BCT helps with the sound reception and the company claims that it could intercept supersonic sounds. The SOUNDglass SG05 is going to have communication capabilities. You can connect with it using your Bluetooth.

These sunglasses can also be connected to your iPhone or Android smart phones. They can also be used to connect to a GPS system. With this device, you will be able to receive and answer phone calls using your Bluetooth. You can also listen to music without using your earphones.

As the device will have supersonic listening capabilities, you can listen to the surrounding traffic and alarm systems. You can say that when you are using this device, you get everything hand free and ear free. The company says that it has a big challenge with this device.

They said that they wanted to make a device that the people can connect with their smart phones and will help them listen to music. This device can also help you read news and can also give you GPS direction. You will be able to be in contact with the world.

One of the things that made people excited was that the company claimed that it can deliver audio through the bones of the skull into the brain. There would be absolutely no use of ears and they will be left free. This will help the user in hearing external sounds.

Now with the help of our smart phones and the SOUNDglass SG05, we will be able to hear surrounding sounds. The company believes that it can make the bone conduction technology work. They say that audio is going to be transmitted using the BCT and users will be able to communicate by keeping their ears completely free.

The company also said that they have made a lot of prototypes and now they have made the best one. This new prototype has seen reduction in size of electronics and has also become more efficient. The company said that they have patented their last prototype. They now have a device that is modern in looks and is high in performance.

When you see the product you see that it is comfortable and safe to use. You will have freedom of movement. If the user has an eyesight problem, they can use different set of lenses. The device has a built in speaker. It is water resistant so you don’t need to take care of it when it rains.

You have an Italian design for these sunglasses. There are three types of lenses with this device. You have the red/gold, smoke grey and clear/transparent lenses. Because they have a Bluetooth built in them, you can connect them with your phone’s Bluetooth and can listen to music while working out or while running.

You can back Buhel SOUNDglass SG05 on its kickstarter campaign.

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