California Woman Beats Google Glass Ticket

California Woman beats Google Glass ticket


Judge said there was no evidence the Google Glass was on when she was pulled over

Back in October, a woman in California was pulled over by the highway patrol for speeding. The officer said that the woman was going 85 mph in a 65mph zone when he pulled her over. The woman was issued a citation for speeding.

While issuing the speeding ticket, the officer noticed she was wearing the Google Glass glasses. He issued her a ticket for using a monitor device while driving as well. The woman took the tickets to court this week and won.

The officer said that he didn’t pull her over intending to write a ticket for the Google Glass. The officer stated, “She got a little argumentative about whether or not it was legal for her to wear them.”

The woman beat the ticket in court because the person hearing the case said there was no evidence that the Google Glass glasses were on when she was pulled over. The speeding ticket was also thrown out because an expert didn’t show up in court to testify when the radar gun used was last calibrated. You have to wonder if there had been proof the Gogol Glass was on when she was pulled over if the ticket would have stood.

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