Cara Delevingne will not walk for Victoria’s Secret this year

Cara Delevingne will not walk for Victoria’s Secret this year

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Cara has preferred Chanel over Victoria’s Secret.

The Chanel Métiers d’Art show is scheduled on the same as Victoria’s Secret in Austria. This has caused some problems for Victoria’s Secret and models such as the gorgeous Kendall Jenner and Suki Waterhouse. So the chance for these both to debut for Victoria’s Secret has to wait.

Now Cara Delevingne also joins the club with these both as Cara is believed to be walking for the Chanel family in Salzburg for the brands annual nomadic show. Well 2nd December is going to be a huge day this year as we will see some of the most gorgeous women walking the ramps for Victoria’s Secret and Chanel.

Cara has previously walked for Victoria’s Secret and even though this year around the show is scheduled in her hometown London, she still opted for Chanel. It is very clear that even these pretty ladies cannot be at two places at the same time.

Cara who is the face of nearly every big brand including Burberry, Tom Ford, Topshop and Chanel has now been declared as the face of YSL’s Christmas campaign. Last year this supermodel, actress and singer banked around £2.4m or £6,500 a day.

This 22 year old beauty will showcase YSL’s Wildly Gold collection. But why is it that Cara is desired by every brand? Rakesh Aggarwal the founder of online beauty retailer stated that nowadays celebrity sells and no one can counter that.

People love to buy something endorsed by their favorite celebrity as they think it bridges the gap between themselves and their icon. He says that Cara has a universal appeal and anything she endorses is bound to sell. People around the globe want to know what she is wearing and doing and that is why every brand is after her.

He also explained that brans are aware of Cara’s huge fan following. Cara has 1.94 million followers on Twitter and over 8.1 million on Instagram and with many appearances in Hollywood movies it looks as her influence is ever growing. 

No matter what Cara is enjoying every bit of her work as she possesses £1.1m cash in the bank and is owed £1.3m from modeling deals.  Her latest campaign has been for the British brand Burberry, in which she featured alongside veteran model Kate Moss, 40, who she is compared with nowadays. 

On one hand where this supermodel is busy in earning money and fame Stephen Collins the ‘7th Heaven’ star has demanded $1 million from her wife. This demand comes after a leaked tape in which Stephen Collins is admitting to bedding young girls, even 11 year olds.

Stephen has blamed his wife, Faye Grant, for secretly taping his confession during a therapy and then leaking it. While filing his divorce papers he has demanded that his estranged wife pay him $1 million as the leaked tape has hurt his career. The proceedings have been postponed till January 5 as time has been given to Faye to find a lawyer.

Source: DailyMail , Vogue

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