Carly Rae Jespen releases “I Really Like You” Video

Carly Rae Jespen releases “I Really Like You” Video

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  • Carly Rae Jespen “I Really Like You” official video releases

Carly Rae Jespen video for her newest single “I Really Like You” debuts starring Tom Hanks, Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jespen herself in a peppy and joyous way.

When the new single “I Really Like You” hit the charts on last month, it was premeditated that the song’s video will determine how successful the song will be. Whether it will surpass the “Call Me Maybe” mantra or not?

The official video of the song was released on Friday night and it is one of a kind. Starring the Oscar winning actor Tom Hanks in a most free spirited way in the cold New York environment. The video kicks off with Tom rising from bed in the morning, going through his morning routine all the while lip-syncing the song.

It is fun to see the actor head out in an overcoat and neck scarf, the gentleman’s way. Singing “I Really Like You” while heading out on the street and walking with a smile and a peppy step. The fans that he meets along the street are happy to see him and one of the girls is going through his Tinder account when he passes them. 

Carly shows up in the interlude of the song finally as she takes over singing the song herself on the SoHo streets, they join hands and dance around. Carly takes the charge for a while delivering the verses of the song and as the chorus begins, they are joined by the dance group and Justin Bieber. Justin dances along with the duo, all singing the catchy “I really really really really really like you” (Really is said 67 times in the song so guess it’s not surprising)

Carly says she was really lucky to have Tom Hanks feature in her video. He was amazingly the most inspiring performance in the whole video. There were times in the song where the whole dance group seemed to be giving up in the New York cold.

It was Tom who kept giving them pep talks and told them to huddle together like penguins to keep warm. Justin, who takes credit of finding Carly as a talent, also features in the video more like a volunteer. He also took to tweeting a link of Carly’s video link on his own Twitter account and also endorsed the song by tweeting the lyrics of the song.

The video also features Vine personalities Rudy Mancuso and King Bach. Carly is happy with the video saying she wanted a video that would be up beat and cheer people and it came up to expectations.


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