Carole Radzivill Offended by Aviva Drescher’s Implied Accusation

Carole Radzivill Offended by Aviva Drescher 's Implied Accusation

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It is a full-scale literary scuffle that has occurred thanks to Aviva Drescher’s implied accusation that Carole Radzivill used a ghostwriter for her memoir.

Books are best friends. But sometimes best friends start fighting over books. Such a similar event occurred on the television show, Real Housewives of New York City. Carole Radzivill and Aviva Drescher engaged in a tiff due to the latter’s insinuation that the former had employed the services of a ghostwriter. 

Carole’s memoir “What Remains” was solely the product of her mind and tireless efforts. Besides, she has been a veteran journalist since the past 20 odd years. Carole felt totally insulted and let down by the comments. She had been having a hearty lunch with her costar. And the question just caught her by surprise. 

It was the last thing she was expecting from Aviva. And to add insult to injury Aviva went ahead and blabbed about the same thing to the rest of the crew. This only added fuel to the fire. The flames of the conflict leapt higher and higher.  

Later on Aviva made light of the matter. She said that she didn’t care two hoots whether Carole used a ghostwriter, a typist or a room full of monkeys tapping away on computers to write her memoirs. It was just a simple and innocent comment which had been taken the wrong way. Who gave a damn about how the memoir got written in the first place. 

People were busy doing more important things in this world. Radzivill meanwhile claims that this was just a publicity stunt by Aviva to gain attention. She wanted to up the fame factor for her own memoir “Leggy Blonde”. The two housewives are like cats engaged in clawing and biting each other. 

This of course only adds to the spiciness and pizzazz of their show “Real Housewives of New York City”. Sometimes reality and fantasy meld in a heady mixture which appeals to the tastes for controversy that every audience possesses. Such a situation seems to have occurred at this reality TV venue.  

“I was pissed at Carole when she dissed my right to write. She feels she’s earned the right to write books because of her several hundred years of experience as a journalist, and further that I don’t because, as she said in the episode, I’m a “nothing, never had a job outside the house.” Ridiculous of course, but then why did I respond to her in that cute pink room and say what I’d heard about her ghostwriter? You know, it’s what I do when I’m attacked; I could have handled that a lot better. Carole can say whatever she wants about me; I’m out of the responding-to-Carole’s-vitriol business,” Aviva Drescher wrote on her Bravo blog.

Carole responds to Aviva’s ghostwriting claims in her own Bravo blog. She stated, “I don’t really care that, as Aviva said, she “single white femaled” me and I don’t care that Aviva had a ghostwriter. No one does. The only person who seems to care is Aviva. I think its great if anyone gets published these days. Publishing is a tough business. Remember what I said about LuAnn’s book last season. I’m nothing if not consistent. And I didn’t even like her much then! [Spoiler alert: Now I love her.]”

Source: People , RadarOnline

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