Carrie Fisher Pushes Graham Norton to Attend Alcoholics Anonymous

Carrie Fisher Pushes Graham Norton to Attend Alcoholics Anonymous

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Graham Norton revealed about his alcohol abuse in his autobiography and stated that Carrie Fisher pushed him to attend alcoholics anonymous meetings.

Carrie Fisher who played Princess Leia in Star Wars was the one who pushed Graham to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. The 51 year old star Graham did cut alcohol out of his life. He decided to have one glass of wine everyday, during his Friday nights show. He said, this made him feel in control.

In the Life And Loves Of A He Devil, he revealed that it was Carrie Fisher who pushed him towards Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Graham and Carrie have been friends from a long time. When she learnt about his habit she immediately tried to convince to join Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Carrie Fisher also has a problem with addiction, and she convinced Graham to accompany her to AA meetings. Graham confessed that initially he was scared to attend the meetings, as he feared he will become the people whose stories he is listening to.

Graham said, he preferred his life with booze in it, but he couldn’t live much longer if he didn’t change his ways. His book is going to be published on 23rd October of this month.

Meanwile Carrie Fisher admitted that she had a problem learning her lines when shooting for the Star Wars movie. She could not remember them unless and until they were written on her hands or on card.

“I’m bad at learning my lines — it’s humiliating. There’s no way unless you put cards and stuff or write the lines on my hand,” she said.

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