Caseco bringing smart hats to CES 2015

Caseco bringing smart hats to CES 2015

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Blu-Toque winter hats have built in BluTooth tech

The International Consumer Electronics Show 2015 will be taking place on January 6th through January 9th in Las Vegas. This annual convention of the top consumer electronics companies from around the world will have thousands upon thousands of exhibitors and events goers attending. One company that will be there is Caseco. Caseco is known for their accessories for mobile devices and they will be featuring their new ‘Blu-Toque’ winter hats at CES 2015.

The Canadian based Caseco which has been in operation since 2011, has been known internationally for their accessories for iPhones and Android powered phones. Caseco executives say that the Blu-Toque is the companies’ foray into the new wearable mobile device markets. They say that the Blu-Toque allows for wire free handling and the avoiding of cables and such like is with a lot of BlueTooth headsets and microphones. This new winter hat will allow for a person to take a call and not have to worry about their hands getting cold in the winter.

Blu-Toque hats will come in a regular fit variety and a slouchy fit variety. The Blu-Toque will work with all mobile phones and can be easily hooked up and taken out of the winter hat. The Blu-Toque also has a USB charger that allows for a mobile device to be charged wherever there is a USB plug. There will be a status light on the Blu-Toque and there is also a voice prompt that will alert consumers when someone is calling them or when their battery might be low on their mobile device. Caseco is very well known throughout the world and especially in their home base of Canada for developing innovative mobile device accessories. The Blu-Toque will be on display and exhibited at the Caseco booth at CES 2015 which will be located at the Sands Expo, Level 2, Tech West. The Caseco booth number will be #74718.

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