CEA proclaims New and Spectacular Events to be a part of CES 2015

CEA proclaims New and Spectacular Events to be a part of CES 2015


APPNATION VI, Hardware Battefield, Wearable Tech Awards and Extreme Tech Challenge are now part of 2015 CES, according to CEA.

CEA provides a platform for people who flourish because of business consumer technologies throughout the world.  In order to make the International CES an epitome among the other technological events, CEA really works hard. Every year, more and more money is poured into the event. Also, every time the event takes place, a new series of awards and events are incorporated in the event schedule, thus making it more lavish and better than the last event. 

The 2015 CES will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada in January. The event will start on the 6th of January and it will last for three days. The new events and accolades that are a part of CES 2015 include APPNATION VI, Extreme Tech Challenges, Hardware Battlefield and Wearable Tech Awards.  

The senior vice president of events and conferences at CEA, Karen Chupka said that the main reason behind arranging, such an extravagant event is to encourage and bring forward pioneer technology companies and innovative ideas of young entrepreneurs. He then said that with the help of CES, CEA is able to bring forward many innovative products and services that /4/become more of a necessity for the people in the coming months or years.

In addition to this he said that CES presents opportunities to those people who have the ability to take the technology industry to new and higher levels.  These exhibitors are able to showcase their innovative products and services within the dynamic technology world. 

More than 20 special awards programs and events are a part of CES. Some of the highlights include Best CES Awards, Technology and Engineering Emmy Awards and Last Gadget Standing. However, in CES 2015 four new awards and events are also included.

APPNATION VI is the newly added 2 day event. It exclusively focuses on the broader consumer app economy. Second in the list we have is Wearable Tech Awards, which are presented by Stuff. It will showcase the 10 most promising wearable tech products including smart eyewear, Smartwatch, fitness and health gadgets, apps that will be launched in January and VR products. The editors of Stuff will choose these products and these products /4/be developed by a company or by an individual.

Third, we have Hardware Battlefield, a competition sponsored by TechCrunch. 16 startups will showcase their brand new product to the industry experts. The prize money for this competition is $50,000 along with the Metal Man Trophy. The Extreme Tech Challenge is the last event that is part of CES 2015. It will allow 10 of the most innovative startups to compete live on the stage. This event will bring a lifetime opportunity for these startups. The CEO and President of CEA, Gary Shapiro will be a part of the judging panel. 

More than 3,500 exhibitors are taking part in this world class technology event. There will be almost 20 different categories for the new consumer business technology services and products.  

CES 2015 will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada from January 6-9.

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