CEA selects KODAK Baby Monitoring System as a 2015 CES Innovation Awards Honoree

CEA selects KODAK Baby Monitoring System as a 2015 CES Innovation Awards Honoree

  • KODAK will be displaying Consumer Product Line at International CES 2015.

KODAK’s baby monitoring system by Seedonk has been selected as CES 2015 Innovation Awards Honoree.

KODAK will be returning to the CES 2015 after 3 years. The KODAK booth will be displaying a wide variety of innovative products from a 360 degree action video camera to a new baby monitoring system. Among these products is the KODAK smartphone that will be displayed at the CES 2015 along with a line of ear buds and headphones.

Steven Overman the President of Consumer & Film Division and Chief Marketing Officer stated that KODAK has the best and most powerful brands and the company is looking to renew it and expand it so to grow the company. He explained that KODAK has been here since a very long time and is very famous among the consumers. 

KODAK will be having many different types of products this time around at the CES 2015. KODAK will be introducing the KODAK Picture Kiosk and My KODAK MOMENTS App that will enable to make prints and other photo products from mobile devices.

Moreover Kodak will be also be introducing video and baby monitoring systems which will include the KODAK Baby Monitoring System CFH-BVA10, which earned a prestigious CES 2015 Innovation Award in advance of the show.

Some of the other products that the visitors at the CES 2015 will see at the KODAK booth include flash drives and storage media, photo mailing labels, stickers, a full line of batteries and new line of chargers and photo related accessories and equipment.

The KODAK Baby Monitoring System is coming in the lime light since it won the CES 2015 Innovation Award. The system will be available in early 2015. This system re-imagines the baby monitoring application which empowers a new generation of mobile-centric parents to care for their most prized possession.

The system has an innovative design and function and has been built to meet the growing needs of today’s parents. The system has a crystal clear two-way digital audio monitoring and if the parents want to add video monitoring all they need to do is simply attach the portable HD Wi-Fi camera with in-app pan/zoom capabilities to the base unit through USB port. The base unit is beautifully and elegantly designed which incorporates a wooden design which serves as the hub for the application.

If the parents even want an additional level of care for their child they can easily integrate crib and door sensor technology which helps in detecting movement and tracking infants sleeping patterns which provides the parents with additional insights onto the well being of their babies.

Plus the KODAK Baby Monitoring System is powered by Seedonk’s smartphone app. It includes real-time, intelligent notifications and anywhere access the app provides local and remote surveillance via the smartphone.

Herman Yau the Co-founder and CEO of Seedonk stated that the KODAK Baby Monitoring System will bring true innovation to a category that has not seen much advancement for quite a long time and that is why we are so excited and honored to be recognized by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). Herman also explained that nothing is more important than the well being of children and so our company has developed a baby monitor application for today’s parents. 

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The CES 2015 will be held in Las Vegas from the 6th to the 9th of January. Do not miss the chance of seeing new and exciting technology. 

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