CES 2015: Garmin Partners With Red Bend for for Automatic Over-the-Air Map and Software Updates for Satellite Navigation

CES 2015: Garmin Partners With Red Bend for for Automatic Over-the-Air Map and Software Updates for Satellite Navigation


Garmin has decided to partner with Red Bend for software and map update via built-in modem, Wi-Fi or mobile device. This will be exhibited at the CES 2015.

Red Bend software is the leading company in Mobile Software Management (MSM). The company has more than 2 million Red Bend enabled devices. Recently Red Bend has announced to join hands with Garmin, which is the global leader in satellite navigation.

Both the companies have come together in order that Red Bend’s over-the-air (OTA) Software Updating Service automatically delivers OTA updates of new user interface elements, points of interest and maps to Garmin’s renowned K2 infotainment platform. This they have planned to show at the CES 2015.

Garmin’s K2 intelligently combines voice control, digital displays, infrared buttons and smartphone integration in order to deliver drivers access to everything. This includes navigation to vehicle diagnostics, music, communications and even radio to real-time Internet information.

K2 has the Garmin’s avionics and marine technology which helps K2 to turn the car dashboard into a digital cockpit. This digital cockpit provides drivers a safe way to stay connected to the world and alos access all the functions they need while they are on the road. This technology by Garmin seems to be quite impressive doesn’t it?

Matt Munn the managing director automotive OEM at Garmin stated that Red Bend is quite famous and is known as the leading supplier for over-the-air firmware and software updates in the automotive industry. They provide a solution to drivers that are safe and convenient.

That is why he explained that Garmin was quite happy to join hands with Red Bend as Red Bend’s OTA Software Updating Service, Garmin will start offering the most secure, efficient and reliable updates top the connected car.

Red Bends’ innovative and state of the art technology has helped in reducing the update file size which has led to shortening the update process and now updates can be easily downloaded. The K2 uses a secure connection, built-in modem, Wi-Fi or the customer’s mobile device in order to automatically download any available update. This has made it quite easy for the customers.

Oren Betzaleli the EVP, products, strategy and marketing at Red Bend stated that joining hands with Garmin will give Red Bend the continued opportunity to show that their OTA software management not only enhances the infotainment system and map offerings but also benefits the whole automotive industry with cost savings and increased security and that is why we are the leading supplier in the automotive industry.

Garmin will be exhibiting its technology just like the 3500 exhibitors will at the CES 2015. Garmin will be exhibiting at booth number 35811 at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada starting on Januay 6, 2015.

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