CES 2015 Highlights: Top Products Of The Show

CES 2015 Highlights: Top Products of the Show

Some of the highlights of the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 were very watchable and newsworthy. There were quite a few top products of the show.

The CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2015 has been a yearly scientific and technological tradition that has been an ongoing trend since more than a decade or so. It takes place in Las Vegas (known by the epithet of Sin City) and is quite a crowd-puller that attracts people from distant provenances.

It is however nevertheless a private and exclusive show and not a public free-for-all-entertainment source. During the first week of January this show got going. Today it is reaching its denouement.

Everything from microprocessors to sensitive electronic devices and long life batteries got displayed in all their glory. In fact, many of the gizmos and gadgets were redesigned and souped-up versions of past products. Thus a gradual evolutionary influence and streamlining of contraptions and devices takes place with rapidity.

Everything from 3D Printing to Withings Smart Watches and Magic Button got showcased. And Ventilating Stuff and Razer Forge TV not to mention Tablets/Laptops were also among the things presented at the show. Sling TV was another highlight that lit up the place. This year was especially quite a wonderful exhibition of technological “existential” electronics.    

The health monitors and fitness gadgets were supplemented with environment-friendly options for a sustainable planet. Topmost technical learning devices co-mingled with crowd-funded projects.

CES 2015 was as widely acknowledged as it was in the previous years, with numerous ideas and gadgets that technology has to offer, some more so than others and a few that might just shift the global trend away from destruction and towards more constructive efforts.

Keeping that in mind, unlike previous years, where the Consumer Electronics Show was overloaded with a majority of technological items that were more jazzy and not equally helpful, this year was an altogether different deal. 

The CES 2015 has outdone itself with the amount of problem solving gadgets that are present on display this year. From simple gadgets to far more complicated ones that will change the way an individual lives, the CES 2015 has opened new doors to help the globe and just maybe turn the tide towards cleaner solutions that will help the world stay lean and green. 

Let’s start with some of the amazing new gadgets (both wearables and others) that were present at the CES 2015 and are related to healthcare and fitness. Possibly these solutions and innovations will change the way all individuals will live their lives in the future.

Withings Activité Pop

Fashionable and colorful analog wrist watches with built-in activity and fitness tracker.

Bragi’s The Dash Wireless Headphones and Earbuds

A media player with built-in fitness and activity tracker. 

FitLinxx AmpStrip

Band-Aid-like sticker worn on chest to monitor heart rate


A hands-free temperature monitor for babies

Vigilant LilyPad 

A Wi-Fi pool thermometer and UV sensor that floats in water to tell how much sunscreen you should put on.

Now let’s count the ways the products measured up against 21st Century standards…

Best of the Best Product of CES 2015: Sling TV

Best Smartphone: LG G Flex 2

Best PC: Lenovo LaVie Z HZ550

Best Tablet: Dell Venue 8 7000

Best Camera: Sony FDR-AX33 4K Handycam

Best Phone Accessory: Solpro Helios Smart

Best TV: LG’s 4K Ultra HD OLED TV & Sharp’s Ultra HD Beyond 4K TV

Best Home Audio: LG Music Flow Sound System

Best Smart Home Appliance: LG Twin Wash

Best Gaming Device: Razer Forge TV

Best Drones: AirDog & Nixie

Best Wearables: JINS MEME & Withings Watches & The Dash

Craziest Gadget of CES 2015: Belty

Best Concept Products unveiled at CES 2015 

LG’s Dual-Curved Smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge will be forgotten once this new dual-curved concept smartphone with a 6-inch Active Bending OLED display by LG Display comes out.

LG’s Open webOS-based smartwatch in synch with Audi’s Concept Car

LG has displayed a fully working Open webOS-based smartwatch in synch with Audi vehicle partnership at the CES 2015. This is slated to fare well at the CES 2015.

Autonomous Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion Car

Mercedes showed this car of the future at CES 2015 and it is able to drive itself.

Best New Innovative Products of CES 2015

Intel Curie Module

It is a tiny low–power hardware product based on the company’s first purpose-built Intel Quark SE SoC for wearable devices with compute, motion sensor, Bluetooth Low Energy and battery charging capabilities.

Samsung Portable SSD T1

Samsung’s faster portable SSD T1 brings exceptional speed, style and durability for today’s on-the-go lifestyle.

Intel Compute Stick

It is the world’s smallest PC that runs Windows 8.1 and Linux and allows the facility of plug and play which will lend its users plenty of time to enjoy the device.

Misfit Swarovski Shine

It is first solar powered wearable unveiled at CES 2015.

Caseco Core 360

The world’s smallest universal smartphone mount which is smaller than a golf ball. 

Thus these were some of the amazing inventions at the CES 2015 that got the most attention. These were the ones that stood out and were the funkiest of trends. The CES 2015 offered among its repertoire numerous inventions that were designed to help and make life easier. These included realistic inventions to help make the global village a better and cleaner place to live in.

More CES 2015 highlights can be found in our CES 2015 News Hub. The CES 2015 held in Las Vegas from the 6th till the 9th of January. The CES 2015 is owned and controlled by Consumer Electronics Association and it hosted more than 3500 companies that displayed and demonstrated their products and technologies.

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