CES 2015: Inside Secure to bring new Broad Set of Security Solutions for Mobile and IoT

CES 2015: Inside Secure to bring new Broad Set of Security Solutions for Mobile and IoT


These new solutions by Inside Secure will take care of the demand by device manufacturers and application developers against mobile hacks and will keep consumers safe.

Inside Secure is a leader in embedded security solutions for mobile and connected devices. The company has announced today that it will be displaying key solutions for consumer device security for Mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) at the CES 2015 in Las Vegas.

Inside Secure provides the consumers with a unique and special combination of experience and the broadcast portfolio of security solutions to meet the consumer demands for safe, reliable and simple to use Mobile and IoT applications.

The company also helps the consumers by lowering the cost of having best-in-class security which is one of the most important features of the company’s solutions.

Gartner has estimated that the IoT products and service suppliers will easily generate revenue that would exceed the $300 billion mark by 2023 while IDC has forecasted that the worldwide market for IoT solutions will grow from $1.9 trillion in 2013 to a mind blowing $7.1 trillion by 2023.

Moreover manufacturing giants such as Intel and Qualcomm have made announcements that support the fact that IoT apps will be on the top in the coming years.

In today’s world we see that more and more devices are becoming connected to the Internet and so these device users and devices become more attractive targets for hackers who are looking to compromise device security measures to steal private information.

Inside Secure’s security solutions will allow IoT solution and service providers to provide new and innovative products without fear of them being hacked. This will help in clearing the way for extensive adoption of IoT products which include wearable devices, premium content delivered to all mobile devices and home security solutions. 

Pierre Garnier the COO of INSIDE Secure stated that the increase in the deployment of Internet connected devices combine with their inherent lack of security represents a huge threat to the privacy and security of consumers and creates unwanted risk for IoT solution providers.

He explained that the company is very dedicated and committed to providing our customers with a vast range of IoT consumer device security solutions that meet their demands and give them access to the best-in-class security solution. 

Inside Secure is famous and renowned for providing comprehensive and extensive embedded security solutions. World-leading companies today rely on Inside Secure’s mobile security and secure transaction offerings to protect important assets which include connected devices, services, content, transactions and identity.

Inside Secure’s customers enjoy a single source for advanced solutions and investment protection through their innovative solutions. 

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The CES 2015 will be held in Las Vegas from the 6th to the 9th of January. There are going to be 3500 exhibitors at the event this year with their new and innovative technologies. The CES is owned and controlled by Consumer Electronics Association. So do not miss the CES 2015.

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