CES 2015 will feature BenQ’s New Product Lineup

CES 2015 will feature BenQ’s New Product Lineup


BenQ America Crop is planning to launch its line of products at CES 2015.

The world leading digital technology distributor is planning to introduce its upcoming products at CES 2015. Like all other technology companies BenQ America Crop has decided to utilize one of the world’s greatest technology platforms.  

The company today announced their portfolio that they will unveil at CES 2015. The latest innovation of BenQ includes an electrostatic Bluetooth speaker, design focused photography, a complete new line of gaming monitors and projectors that will enhance and improve the picture quality beyond anyone’s imagination. These CAD/CAM projectors will redefine then the image of projectors.  

BenQ America Corp is also going to introduce the XL2730T monitor at CES 2015. This 27 inch monitor has built keeping the gamers needs in mind. It is the first person shooter revolution that has been started by BenQ.

The highlighting features of this device include lag-free gaming, ultra-smooth and blur-free gaming experience. Its full HD XL2730T is able to automatically detect the brightness required by the player. The rate of brightness depends on the distance that the player selects. The monitor is also able to detect the input sources. 

Since the company is known for its famous leading creative professions and amazing audiophiles, it is but natural for it to come up with the world’s first electrostatic Bluetooth speaker. Clarity of voices, tonal balance and superior sonic quality are the important features of these speakers.

And these features will be highlighted at CES 2015 International. These speakers will change the impression of wireless speakers as they produce high quality songs. This technology will allow the music lovers to connect their handheld music devices with the speakers and listen to music for as long as 12 hours with a single charge. The speakers are available in silver and black color. 

New Blazing-Fast Rl2755HM is another monitor that will be launched at CES 2015. The monitor is designed and engineered especially for the FPS games such as Halo® and Call of Duty®. Not only this, this monitor is also very good for various fighting games such as Mortal Kombat. The speaker has dual HDMI and inbuilt 2-watt Stereo speakers. 

Another amazing thing that the BenQ will be unveiled at CES 2015 is XL2730Z monitor. This twenty-seven inch monitor will make sure that the gamers enjoy their game to its fullest. Gamers are now allowed to customize the monitor setting according to their personal preferences. They can change Gaming Refresh-rate Optimization Management (GROM), screen sizes and display resolutions. 

Other devices that the company plan to introduce at CES 2015 include Hybrid XL2420G, New SW2401PT Photography Monitor, 4K Ultra-High-Definition BL3201PH, True-to-Life sRGB HC1200 Projector and HT1075 and HT1085ST Home Theater Projectors. 

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CES 2015 will start from the 6th of next month and the event will last for three days. During these three days companies and individuals from around the globe will participate in it and introduce their unique products and services. The event will take place in Las Vegas. Nevada.

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