CES 2015: Intel Compute Stick is the World’s Smallest PC

CES 2015: Intel Compute Stick is the World's Smallest PC


  • Intel Compute Stick allows Plug and Play Facility.
  • It will be available for user in March, 2015 at price of $149.

Intel announced its $149 Intel Compute Stick at CES 2015. Intel Compute Stick is almost equal in size of Google’s Cromecast but it is the world’s smallest PC that runs Windows 8.1 and Linux and allows the facility of plug and play which will lend its users plenty of time to enjoy the device.

Now you /4/start computing anyplace anytime. We feel proud to introduce the Intel Compute Stick which is a next generation small implement via which users can truly experience the computer scenario fully. This is a very creative solution that has the functionality, high quality and premium parts to deliver the environment necessary for online transactions.

Intel has indeed got a good thing going. And it comes with Windows 8.1 or Linux on it right from the beginning. Barely four inches in length, this little stick is packed with good stuff just waiting to be explored.

A quad-core Intel Atom processor lies at its center to boot. Among the other features it has in plenty are wireless amenity, storage capacity and a micro SD card slot. The device is basically a computer in miniature.

You will love it. You /4/visit the networking plans on this baby or you /4/browse cyberspace to your heart’s content. Streaming content such as Hulu or Netflix is available and there are video games galore.   

If you are a businessman who is serious about his business than the Intel Compute Stick is just the thing you have been looking for. It is the best contraption to employ while on the run. The dense capacity and techno-neural circuitry integrated into its very bones and sinews will let you use a range of apps without any hindrance.

Convert your boob tube or idiot box into a full-fledged computer anytime you prefer via this tiny device. The Intel Compute Stick is a sort of Chromecast rival. It has a shape like a dongle yet is a totally different thing.

At $149, it is the best a computer freak or Net geek can get. The little introjectible gizmo has 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage capacity too. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 services exist on the platform as well.  

Did you know that this happens to be the world’s smallest PC? Well, it is for a fact! Linux will be workable on it for a nominal fee of $89. While for the Intel Compute Stick that runs on Windows 8.1, you have to pay $149.

It bears similarities to several other devices but is actually worlds apart from the rest of the one-hit wonders of technology. This is miniaturization and replica-making at its most sophisticated. A buyer will get his money’s worth with this wonderful widget of sorts.  

Intel Compute Stick has been announced by Intel at CES 2015. It will be available for sale in March 2015. However, a demo version is currently on display at CES 2015. Just vist Intel’s exhibit at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2015.

More CES 2015 highlights can be found in our CES 2015 News Hub. The CES 2015 begins officially on January 6 and ends on January 9, 2015 in Las Vegas. The CES 2015 announcements and news are though pouring in since end of 2014. The big topics at the CES 2015 are 4k Ultra HD TVs, wearables, robotics and cars technology.

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