CES 2015: Origin PC teases new living room gaming rigs

CES 2015: Origin PC teases new living room gaming rigs

  • Liquid cooling
  • trackpad hybrid
  • Possible all-in-one keyboard

The Omega series is only due to show up sometime in 2015.

We cant forget how enthusiastic Origin was to hop on to that Steam Machine platform and was fully prepared with its plans for SteamOS-powered living room versions of its Chronos desktops. The hype had died down a bit but with the CES 2015 we have another reason to bring up everything that was once slightly buried under. This time, Origin is back with some more teasers for these rigs however this time it is following other gaming PC makers and downplaying the Steam angle.

At this point we can recall the company’s rechristened Omega line which has the ability to boot multiple operating systems but they are more like the PCs which are expected to sit around in your living rooms. If we are asked to do so, we might have a hard time thinking of them as somewhat closer launchpads for Valve’s console-like software.

We haven’t got any more details on this one as yet as Origin as decided to remain mum on the pricing as well as the specs but we do know that it is going to extend support for the “highest-end” NVIDIA video cards. In addition to this, it will have liquid cooling and optional peripherals like Xbox controllers and a possible all-in-one keyboard and trackpad hybrid. However, we are going to have to wait for a longer time since we only know that the Omega series is expected to show up ‘sometime’ this year.

source: originpc

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