CES 2015: Sony to launch Single-Lens OLED Display to compete Google Glass

CES 2015: Sony to launch Single-Lens OLED Display to compete Google Glass



Sony’s eyewear comes with OLED Technology that will enable it with superior image quality. Plus the eyewear when attached turns into a smart device displaying visual information.

Sony Corporation has announced its plan to come up with a compact and lightweight Single-Lens Display Module for the International CES 2015 in Las Vegas. The new device is to be equipped with a High Resolution Color OLED Microdisplay and a Micro Optical unit that will bring out the display’s high image quality. Plus Sony has also added a miniaturized control board with arithmetic processing capabilities, the like we see in smart phones. 

Now you can attach this new device by Sony to any sunglasses, goggles or any other type of eyewear you want to and add visual information to what you are doing in order to make your everyday life convenient. The module can be used anywhere and for any activity that you are indulged in such as while playing sports or while you are at work.

The module will display helpful information that will definitely support you in the activity you are engaged in. Well you must be thinking about where does the visual information appear, no need to worry as it will not obstruct your field of vision as all the information is displayed in a small sub-window. Plus you can attach or detach the module whenever you like so no need to worry, if you think it does not fit the activity you are in just take it off from the eyewear. 

Sony has revealed that it will start production of this new module in the coming year. Sony is looking to provide these modules to a wide and diversified variety of potential customers. This includes eyewear makers, electronics manufacturers and to companies that provide business solutions with the help of wearable devices. Moreover the company will be providing software development kits (SDK) to partnering organizations which would help to broaden the market of wearable devices.

This software development kit is for the facilitation of the application development. With the SDK developers will be able to create apps that will be tailored to specific uses. The company along with the SDK will also give out the display module’s communication specifications that will help the developers to connect the display module with a wide range of other devices aside from just smartphones. This will make the display module more easy to use. 

Sony will be holding its CES 2015 press conference on the 5th of January 2015. The press conference is scheduled just one day before the start of the CES 2015. Sony’s press conference will be held at 5 PM at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Plus the new Single-Lens Display Module will be displayed by the company for the first time at the CES 2015. So do not miss the CES 2015 in Las Vegas from the 6th to the 9th of January which will also host 3500 other exhibitors with such new technology and products. 

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