CES 2015: Stream TV Networks to debut Ultra-D Glasses-Free 3D Video Game Arcade

CES 2015: Stream TV Networks to debut Ultra-D Glasses-Free 3D Video Game Arcade


Gamers have been invited to play at Stream TV Networks biggest booth to date at the CES 2015.

Stream TV Networks a Philadelphia based technology company has called on gamers to their booth at the CES 2015 in order to experience the company’s new glasses-free 3D devices.

The company has announced that it will reserve a quarter of its Central Hall Booth to a video game arcade that will feature hit titles from leading game developers. Now the CES visitors will even get a chance to play their favorite games at this glasses-free 3D gaming arcade.

The Ultra-D glasses-free 3D allows the users to customize and edit 3D pop to their liking for amazing gaming and viewing experiences. Stream TV Networks has joined hands with Epic Games and Unreal Engine and will have some demos on display.

These will include Elemental and Matinee Fight Scene; Origins of Malu which is an open world sandbox massively multiplayer game. It is set on an alien world which is rich in scenery and vicious life forms.

Other games which will be included at the gaming arcade include ‘Northern Shadow’ which is basically a first person game where the gamers can build their own kingdom. ‘Ether One’, ‘Refunktion’ and ‘Solus’ will also be experienced by visitors at the Stream TV Networks booth at the CES 2015.

This expanded gaming arcade comes after the company’s successful introduction of its new Software Development Kit (SDK) which is currently in use by game developers. This has been headed by Stream TVs Games Director Zach Lehman.

Lehman explained that he focuses on building relationships with the video game publishers, developers and other media companies. Lehman has vast experience in the gaming field especially in independent and AAA videogame development.

If you are interested in this arcade and glasses-free devices than do attend the Ultra-D press conference which has been scheduled for Monday 5th January one day before the CES 2015 kicks off.

Stream TV Networks is a Philadelphia-based technology company that was founded in order to enhance entertainment and consumer media experience through advance technology such as its glasses-free 3D devices.

The company is offering 4K resolution and real-time conversion from 2D to 3D. Now the company has come up with its Ultra-D solution which will be on display at the CES 2015 in the Central Hall booth number 13634.

This new Ultra-D solution will also be seen incorporated into tablets, televisions, phones and more. Ultra-D is the only glasses-free 3D technology that is delivering both display and content conversion. Ultra-D changes all 2D and 3D content into glasses-free 3D in outstanding and realistic detail.

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The CES 2015 will be held in Las Vegas this time and starts from the 6th of January and will end on the 9th of January. 3500 exhibitors will be displaying and demonstrating their new technology and products, so do not miss the chance to get a glimpse of new technology that will be out this year. 

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