CES 2015 to feature First Alert Onelink Series of Smart Devices

First Alert to debut Onelink Series of Smart Devices at CES 2015

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These new and innovative products by First Alert will bring a new level of security and accessibility to Connected Home Industry.

First Alert which is the most trusted and well-known name in home safety is now looking at bridging the gap between connected home products and mobile security with a new series of smart devices.

These new smart devices are aimed at make it easier and simpler for people to use them. The devices also aim at enhancing people’s safety, comfort and peace of mind. First Alert has already introduced many products such as smoke and carbon monoxide alarm, tracking device and a thermostat that can talk to smartphones.

Now First Alert has come out with Onelink collection which operates exclusively with iOS devices. These products are designed to integrate with one another in order to create a smart home that can be controlled and monitored from anywhere through an user’s mobile device.

First Alert has made announced that it will bring out the new Onelink devices from early 2015. These include Onelink Wi-Fi Thermostat which is a fully Wi-Fi digital programmable touchscreen thermostat that is easily controlled via iOS devices. Plus users can also set schedules for when they are home or away.

The thermostat is also enabled to send notifications to the user through their iOS devices. Then there is an Onelink Wi-Fi Smoke + Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm. This alarm is a 2-in-2 wireless combination smoke and CO alarm that offers the latest safety features and abilities.

The alarm is compatible to use with the existing interconnected hardwired alarms within the home. The device uses Bluetooth technology to wirelessly interconnect alarms and Wi-Fi to connect to the users through the mobile app.


The device is also enabled to give the exact location of the fire within the home and is also equipped with a photoelectric smoke sensor to help reduce false alarms. Then there is the Onelink Wi-Fi Environment Monitor which is an easy-to-use low-level CO monitor.

It comes with built-in temperature and humidity sensors and is a very simple and attractive way to check a room’s environment. Again Wi-Fi technology is used to give instant notification of changes to the user’s iOS devices.

First Alert has also introduced an Onelink Wi-Fi safe which is basically a smart safe that allows users to easily and secretly unlock their safe using their iOS devices. Then there is an Onelink Tracker that is perfect for checking and keeping track of kid, pets or even personal belongings.

Just like the other Onelink devices this also sends a notification to the user’s iOS devices when the user has gone too far from the tagged item. Plus there is also an Onelink Watch.

This watch is not an ordinary watch and can monitor the user’s heart rate, calories burned and activity level. It also acts as a personal safety device as users can alert their friends and family when they are in an emergency situation.

First Alert is Americas most trusted and renowned home safety brand and at the CES 2015 it will be making a huge impact by introducing its new line of Onelink. The CES 2015 starts from the 6th of January in Las Vegas.

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