CES 2015: VivaLnk to exhibit its New Wearable Thermometer Patch Based on Breakthrough eSkin Technology

CES 2015: VivaLnk to exhibit its New Wearable Thermometer Patch Based on Breakthrough eSkin Technology



The new thermometer patch is based on Breakthrough eSkin and will be available for visitors at the CES 2015.

VivaLnk has announced today that it will be demonstrating its new innovation at the CES 2015. This new innovation is the eSkin Thermometer that will change the way everyone measures and monitors their body temperature. This new eSkin technology will let the complex electronic circuitry with embedded tiny sensors on a thin flexible material to attach comfortably to your skin.

The new thermometer by VivaLnk will use an NFC chip solution from NXP Semiconductors. With the help of this and other state of the art technology the thermometer will give a highly accurate temperature measurement.

Moreover the thermometer needs to battery. Victor Vega the director NFC/RFID Solutions at NXP Semiconductors stated that the VivaLnk’s new eSkin technology has place NXP’s technology adoption into new and advanced applications.  

The best part is that the eSkin Thermometer patch works with a smartphone to provide a range of smart feature possibilities. The initial product release will even include more abilities such as to record and track fevers which will help in simplifying the illness monitoring process.

The eSkin Thermometer is very easy to use and takes an accurate body temperature reading in less than three seconds. Pretty fast, at least children will not have to wait like before. 

Plus VivaLnk is in the process of completing the initial product design. However limited amount of samples will be made available for interested partners in January, 2015.

Do not miss out this new technology innovation and many more at the CES 2015 in Las Vegas which starts from the 6th of January.

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