CES 2015 will also showcase WiTricity’s Rezence-Enabled Solutions

CES 2015 will also showcase WiTricity's Rezence-Enabled Solutions


  • WiTricity to display its new and innovative solutions at the International CES 2015

WiTricity is all set to demonstrate Rezence-Enabled Solutions and A4WP reference designs at the CES 2015.

WiTricity is the leader in wireless power transfer over distance and today it has announced its plans of demonstrating its new technology to the visitors of the CES 2015. The demonstrations will include a Rezence ready wireless charging hotspot where the visitors can power their devices, the company’s Prodigy demo units, a view of the ‘Home of the Future’ and Rezence-enabled consumer and automotive demonstrations.

WiTricity recently announced the release of WiTricity A4WP Partner Program. This program will make it easier for other organizations to incorporate WiTricity’s patented wireless technology into products and solutions designed especially for the A4WP Rezence specification.

WiTricity is also a board member of the A4WP and the company has been working with several major brands to advance Rezence adoption. Moreover WiTricity has also announced the WiT-5000C3 development kit. This kit is reference design kits for those companies that are looking to kick start the development of A4WP Rezence ready devices.

So at this time at the CES 2015 in Las Vegas, WiTricity is going to be displaying its Rezence capabilities across a variety of applications. The company will be giving the visitors the chance to experience wireless charging in person and will also offer demonstrations for automotive.

WiTricity will be showcasing WiTricity for home and office, which will be arranged as a typical family room area. The WiTricity Home and Office will be featuring Rezence ready wireless charging through the surfaces of a coffee table and side table.

The company will also exhibit the Automotive EV and in-vehicle charging which will demonstrate how the technology is used to safely and efficiently charge electric vehicles and even hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) wirelessly.

This will be shown with the help of WiTricity’s park-and-charge solution, which is one of the new solutions by the company. So a Rezence enabled in-vehicle charging solution will give the consumers a relief as they will be able to charge their mobile devices easily from their home to their automobile.

An exciting exhibit by the company is the Home of the Future. This WiTricity technology will include the concept of resonant repeaters. These repeaters basically extend the distance of wireless power transfer appreciably.

So this exhibit of Home of the Future will show the visitors at the CES 2015 that how power can be transferred to a floor lamp and side table smartphone charging station across a room from a corner power source by using the repeaters.

WiTricity will also exhibit the WiTricity Innovation Lab. The company will demonstrate a number of state of the art applications that the company has developed. This will include wire free security cameras and wireless charging applications.

Alex Gruzen the CEO of WiTricity stated that this time the CES will kick off the year of wireless power and that the company is expecting that Rezence will dominate the talk of the event. He explained that the company’s goal is to enable organizations to implement wireless charging into products of all types and categories and in this rid the world of these ugly wires.

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The CES 2015 will be held in Las Vegas from the 6th to the 9th of January. Do not miss the chance of seeing the newest technology of the coming year. 

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