CES 2015 will have 25 Percent More Robotics Exhibit

CES 2015 will have 25% More Robotics Exhibit

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Robotics Exhibit growing at an increasing rate at CES 2015. CES has also come up with its official application.

It is believed that at the 2015 International CES will exhibit new technologies of the robotics industry. From entertainment devices to robotic cleaning machines, robots are changing the way we live and function. They are changing and revolutionizing the ways in which we interact and spend our lives and are monitoring our health and environment. The Consumer Electronics Association has explained that 2015’s robotic exhibits at the CES have grown 25 percent from 2014’s CES.

CES is owned and produced by CEA and through this CEA provides a gathering place to the world’s thriving business of consumer technologies. CES has provided a place for innovators and breakthrough technologies for more than 40 years. The International CES is scheduled to be hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada from 6th to 9th January. 

This time 18 companies are going to be present at the CES and will showcase their designs and machines. The robotics exhibit has increased the space it requires this time as a 25 percent increase is expected. The space required this time is 8250 square feet.

It is going to be one hell of a place once the exhibit starts as people will be able to see the full range of intelligent machines that are controlled by a device and have the abilities to feel, see and react to the environment around them. Well we see such robotic stuff only in the movies but CES is one such place where we can see it for real. 

Karen Chupka, senior vice president of International CES and corporate business strategy explained that these robots are changing the way people lead their lives. From doing business to keeping their households clean these robots are being used for diverse things as they are capable of doing things which humans don’t want to do or are not capable of doing.

The robotics marketplace is going to be located at CES Tech West within the Sands Expo. Some of the major exhibitors at the CES are ABB, Lowe’s Innovation Labs, Future Robot Co. Ltd and Double Robotics Inc. CES Tech is also believed to feature other leading companies with the newest technology in lifestyle including fitness and health technology, sensors, 3D printing and much more. 

In today’s world of technology and devices CES thought it best to develop its own app and that is why the Official CES app for 2015 International CES has been introduced in the market.

The app will notify the users about when the events or conferences are about to begin, will help them browse through the enhanced exhibitor directory, get the latest news about the event and even provides the users with a CES-wide game. It also provides with the information about the exhibitors and the new technology that will be showcased.

The app is now available for iOS and Android devices. So hurry up and download the CES app to stay in touch with the latest technology that is going to be introduced this year. 

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