CES 2015 will have a Virtual Rehabilitation Exhibit by CSNE

CES 2015 will have a Virtual Rehabilitation Exhibit by CSNE

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At CES 2015, Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering (CSNE) is going to unveil their new virtual rehabilitation product called vHAB.

International CES 2015 is a platform that allows people to display their consumer based products and services. The center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering is going to launch their new product called vHAB at CES 2015. vHAB is designed and engineered while keeping in mind the needs of neurologically injured people. This virtual rehabilitation system helps to stroke patients through rehabilitation in a tailored manner. 

Besides helping neurologically injured people, vHAB is also useful for other injuries. The best part about vHAB is that it is cost effective. More than 795, 000 people in the United States of America are facing neurological problems and they are getting various therapies done.

Because of these problems these people are missing out on their professional and social life. The medical treatment for conditions like stroke is very expensive. Almost $36.5 billion is the annual expense of the medical treatments of these situations. These conditions include medications, missed days of work and health care services. 

vHAB is supported by the National Science Foundation, an Engineering Research center. The National Science Foundation (NFS) is among the 17 leading Engineering Research centers and its headquarters is located at the University of Washington in Seattle. The National Science Foundation has funded many other projects, but this is the first time they will be introducing one of their products at CES 2015 international.

The main objective of NFS is to collaborate with other industry partners and develop technology which is useful. Since the research center mainly offer neural engineering and neuroscience lesson, thus most of its products and services belong to these particular domains. 

vHAB was first developed out of a tech Sandbox competition course. This competition was created by a researcher at the University of Washington and the education manager for CSNE, Dr.Lise Johson. Under Johson supervision his students, Brain Mogen, Tyler Libey and Dimitrios Gklezakos along with Lars Crawford, the technology commercialization fellow created vHAB. 

According to conventional medical treatment of stroke, a person undergoes various therapy treatments, but the problem with this orthodox method is he is not able to track his progress rate. vHAB, on the other hand, is very helpful for people who do therapy as a part of their treatment plan as it allows them to monitor their progress rate.

Patients who are using vHAB wear a sleeve that has a muscle activity sensing armband attached to it. The information that is generated through the sleeve can be used to check whether or not the home exercise is helping. 

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CES 2015 International is going to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. The event is going to start on the 6th of January and it will end on the 9th of January. More than 3500 exhibitor will unveil their unique consumer based products and services. It is a platform for young entrepreneurs to introduce their innovative ideas and for established technology giants to launch their upcoming products. 

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