CES 2015: Withings Watches Are The New Wearables Of The Future

CES 2015: Withings Watches are the New Wearables of the Future

  • Withings unveils a New Range of Fashionable and Colorful Analog Wrist Watches titled “Activité Pop” with Built-in Activity Trackers at CES 2015.

With these fitness-tracking wristwatches from Withings the new timepieces of the future have definitely arrived.

Withings is concerned with the fitness and vital stats revolution that is going on. Its Activité Pop is no ordinary watch. It even contains a sleep gauging mechanism. Fashion, style and function not to mention form combine beautifully in the watch which is a true classic sample to behold.

It’s got the look and the motion and with the dedication and devotion paid to its making it will serve its wearers very well for years and years. Motion trackers and highly sensitive sensors are there too among the innards of this watch.

The connectivity is tops and everything is hermetically sealed into a compact timepiece body that functions with ease and without any disease. It weighs as much as a feather and has PVC coated straps.

The choice in hues comes down to three in number: blue, gray and beige. The watch has a number of features. A two hand style along with a subdial will lend a bit of retroactive chic to it. As for the pedometer which is built in, it displays the average 10,000 steps taken per day for optimum fitness.  

The watch is interactive and it also has all the health monitors on it that will help the serious fitness buff and athlete achieve his or her goals on the highway to health. Activité Pop is the ultimate in wearable devices.

All time zones are available on its dials and as far as wear and tear are concerned, it stands up to the elements very well. Besides the watch is waterproof so there will be no need to worry as far as skinny dipping in the swimming pool along with it is concerned.

It will ensure that your health remains in tiptop condition provided you follow its guidelines and allow the monitors and gauges to ease your passage into a health-conscious state. Whether it is calorie counting or heart rate or blood pressure, you will just have to lie back and relax as the Activité Pop does its magic.

The watch combines technology and watch design very elegantly. At the low price point Withings has something with the Activite Pop that can go against the much more expensive Apple Watch in 2015.

Withings Activité Pop range will be demonstrated at CES 2015. The biggest Consumer Electric Show will be held in Las Vegas this year from January 6-9th, 2015. Withings will be exhibiting its all new range of fitness and sleep tracking wrist watches at booth# 74301 at CES 2015.

However, you can now buy any futuristic Withings wrist watch from Best Buy at price of $149.95 as a very limited quantity  of Activité Pop watches are now available for sale at Best Buy only for US buyers. The nationwide sale of Activité Pop watches will start at Best Buy physical stores and online in March 2015. And you can also preview all the Activité Pop range at CES 2015.

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