LG to unveil its Second-Gen Styler Clothing Care System at CES 2015

LG to unveil its Second-Gen Styler Clothing Care System at CES 2015

This new system by LG will offer a convenient way to freshen hard-to-maintain clothes for busy people and will be introduced at the CES 2015.

LG Electronics (LG) has announced globally that it will be introducing a new version of its clothing management system the ‘LG Styler’ at the International CES 2015 in Las Vegas tomorrow. This new system by LG is more compact and more affordable.

It has been designed to refresh clothes without detergents which provide a solution for hard-to-maintain clothes such as coats, sweaters and suits. Now this is something amazing and useful, especially for busy people. 

The LG’s latest Styler has been equipped with a variety of features that are not usually seen on washing machines. The LG Styler refreshes clothes just as quickly and conveniently before.

This new product also has an Odor Removal feature which uses steam to help remove bad odors left behind by sweat, food and smoke. Users can even select between two different aroma sheets that provide fresh scents to the clothes.

The new LG Styler also has a Quick Refresh function that basically help keep clothes looking and smelling fresh. There is also a Moving Hanger Action feature. This feature shakes the clothes after they have been steamed in order to remove all wrinkles.

Moreover this new product has also been equipped with the Easy Pants Crease Care feature. This feature lets a pair of pants be refreshed and neatly creased in about half an hour. 

Users will be shocked to know that the new LG Styler also has an effective sterilization with TrueSteam. This new hot spray technology by LG is offered in many of its popular washing machines.

With a simple touch of a button hot steam is employed to eliminate all of the germs and bacteria. The effectiveness of this LG steam sterilization feature has been tested by organizations such as the British Allergy Foundation (BAF) and the Korea Apparel Testing and Research Institute (KATRI). 

Then there is the Smart Diagnosis feature and the NFC tagging in the new LG Styler. The Smart Diagnosis basically alerts the user through their compatible smartphone when the unit needs some maintenance.

The NFC on the other hand is used to download specialized cycles to their compatible smartphones which can be uploaded to their Styler. When this new Styler is compared to the original one, the cabinet’s overall size has been reduced by 30 percent.

Moreover the new products controls are displayed on a front touch panel now. Plus this new Styler runs very quietly at only 40dB so no problem of noise for the users. 

Seong-jin Jo the president and CEO of the LG Home Appliance & Air Solution Company stated that the busier lives get the more difficult it becomes to take care of wardrobes.

He further stated that professional cleaning services are quite expensive and the LG Styler will help users to take greater control over their wardrobe and reduce costs for the users.

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The CES 2015 will start from tomorrow in Las Vegas. So do not miss the LG booth at the international CES 2015. 

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