Chappie: A Robot Who Feels Emotions

Chappie: A Robot Who Feels Emotions

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  • Neill Blomkamp’s Chappie Is A Movie About A Robot Who Feels Emotions

So viewers will see that this is a movie about a robot boy “Chappie” which is growing and eventually it becomes an angry teen robot.

When you will look at the movie, you will recall the Robocop movie. In the Robocop movie we remember that the robot felt emotions. This new movie is an entertaining movie and it was created by Neill Blomkamp and we will see a different kind of robot and not the traditional droids that we see in movies.

After watching this movie you will feel that the Robocop movie was a dull one because this movie is rather witty at times. It is more interesting and this movie doesn’t have any dry scenes. So in this movie we will see Chappie as a futuristic robot.

This robot is an absolute law and order nightmare. In the future the police department commissions robots. Chappie is one of those robots which is built by those sinister corporations that have only one aim and that is profit.

So in future these robots bring down the crime rate because they are absolutely brutal. The company that manufactures these robots has a geek which is played by Dev Patel. This guy works on robots that have artificial intelligence.

This means that these robots would be able to think for themselves and will be able to make decisions based on their own knowledge. These robots that can think by themselves are hated by a character called Vincent.

In the movie, Vincent is played Hugh Jackman. Vincent is a rival engineer and he creates awful robots called the Moose. His robots look somewhat familiar to the Robocop. So things in the movie change when a group of gangsters kidnap Deon’s AI robot.

They later bring the robot to life and call it Chappie. This robot starts to learn to steal things as a boy. So when the robot grows, it becomes an angry and a troubled teen. Chappie is yet again kidnapped by another party and he cries and he says that he was taken by a ‘man with a van’.

This movie will make us believe in artificial intelligence and after this movie it will be pretty easy to imagine futuristic AI robots. We will see that this movie has a lot of energy and fun just like District 9.


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