Chelsea Handler angry over Deleted Topless Photo

Chelsea Handler angry over Deleted Topless Photo

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The comedian Chelsea Handler is pretty angry over her deleted topless photo of hers on Instagram.

Famous for her outrageous statements, comedian Chelsea Handler is currently furious over a deleted topless photo of hers on Instagram. She is a controversial figure alright but it looks like she went a little too far this time around. 

Her newest Instagram snap shows her atop a horse in the same manner as President Putin of Russia. And she is topless! The caption says “Anything a man can do, a woman has the right to do better”. Instagram deleted the photo many times due to the fact that it contravened its standards. 

According to CNN she even got a message from Instagram in which it was written that any sharing of nude photos was not allowed according to the rules of the site. It furthermore said that the individual responsible for this /4/have her account disabled. 

Chelsea said that such a policy reeked of sexist behavior. If a man showed a photo of his chest with all the hairy excess that was okay but if a woman showed a flash of her sexy nipples that was considered obscene. This was out and out male chauvinism and patriarchy at its worst.

The comedian questioned the rules set by Instagram and spoke of how they weren’t living in the 18th century. The execs at Instagram have not been available for any rejoinders to Chelsea’s commentary. The daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore also posed topless in NYC and posted the pics on Instagram.

Here is another lady who is damn angry at Instagram for not posting nude pics of her at her behest. Handler finally vented her spleen on Instagram by posting two cute pics of her dogs along with the caption that her fans can find pics of her canines and her breasts on Instagram.

Chelsea sure got engaged in a torrent of arguments with Instagram nut now she seems to have given up and is content. The fact that she mocked President Putin /4/also have had something to do with the deletion of her topless photo from Instagram. The photo of the ripe forbidden fruits of the comedian remained on Instagram for approximately half an hour before it was pulled off by the admin of the site. 

If a man posts a photo of his nipples, it’s ok, but not a woman? Are we in 1825?

A photo posted by Chelsea Handler (@chelseahandler) on

Chelsea posted her pic twice after that and each time she found that the site deleted it. According to MSNBC, she finally said in a huff that maybe they considered Vladimir Putin to be a worthier figure than her. He supposedly had his 1st amendment rights while she obviously didn’t.

Chelsea went to the extent of saying that she had a fitter and more beautiful body than Putin. Several other female celebrity figures have the same complaint against Instagram. Rihanna too quit frequenting the site after the site removed her topless photos which she had posed for the sake of a magazine cover.

It is still a man’s world we are inhabiting as is evident from the fact that most of the beauty industry is controlled by men. That this global economy was made possible solely by men who do all the field work and set aright the beams and rafters of the external world is so prominent a fact that it hardly needs going into.

Women do the covert and humanistic work around the world. When we talk about feminism and female rights we should remember that all this spiel sounds good only in the context of a man-made world. To talk of a separate gynocracy is to make nonsense of feminism and the feminist movement as a whole.

Everybody knows that a man and a woman are like the two wheels of a car. Without either one the car wouldn’t go far. Yet there is also the niggling feeling that when you give females too much freedom they become sexually predatory.

Such sacred institutions as the family and religion are currently on the receiving end of assaults from display professions that have taken vulgarity and obscenity to extremes. Without the warm environment of a mother and father and siblings in the home, a human being cannot grow into a normal, stable, decent law-abiding citizen. That is why Instagram chose not tocourt controversy.  

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