Cher cancels any further Tours due to Kidney Infection

Cher cancels any further Tours due to Kidney Infection

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The famous entertainer, Cher has forgone any further tours due to a kidney infection she is suffering from currently.

The show must go on…but it looks like here it has just been stopped dead in its tracks. Cher is ill with a viral infection and so all her future tour dates have been put off for now. The singer, who is at present 69 years old has cancelled her Dressed to Kill tour. 

She will be undergoing treatment and convalescing till the time when she can resume her duties as an entertainer. She released a statement to the effect that nothing like this had ever happened to her in the past and she was hopeful that she could finish what she started after her full recovery from the illness. 

Cher has up until now appeared in 49 shows. But now she won’t be appearing in Boston, New York, Chicago and Toronto. Cher tweeted a short message about how she was sorry she was unable to make it on time and had to postpone her shows.

She said it was a failure of will that had caused all the problem since her body needed downtime. It is with great sorrow and sadness that Cher has announced the cancellation of all her future shows.  

Her doctors have told her that she needs to take it easy and not concentrate so much on her entertainment work. So she is relaxing and chilling out for now. Her viral illness will be dealt with in an extensive way by hr personal physicians.

Her diehard fans have shown great understanding and have only good wishes in their hearts for her. They sincerely want her to get well soon. Among some of the states Cher was supposed to visit /4/be included Texas, Ohio and Michigan.

Cher also said in one of her tweets that she was absoutely devestated and didn’t know how to apologize to her fans. She truly regreted this delay and asked her fans to pray for her. She also said that being away from the entertaining was no fun and she was so bored with just resting and lying around all day in bed.

Indeed for such an energetic and enthusiastic entertainer like Cher, being bedridden can be a very cruel fate. We all hope she gets well soon and emerges from this malady of hers even more energized and rejuvenated. She is a real fighter and she will overcome this viral illness in no time.  

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