Chris Brown Probation Ends after 6 Years

Chris Brown Probation Ends after 6 Years

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The rap artist Chris Brown has gone scot-free after his six year old probation sentence which was awarded to him for beating up his girlfriend Rihanna.

It’s been half a dozen years or so alongside more than a thousand hours of community service. Bad boy and rapper extraordinaire, Chris Brown finally finished his probation period for badly bruising Rihanna. He tweeted his hour of happiness for being free at last from the clutches of the law recently.

In February of 2009, he had badly hurt his girlfriend pop star Rihanna. Chris had in addition made vile threats against her. He later on was found guilty as charged and ended up doing community service instead of prison time.

Brown appeared with purple dyed hair in front of a judge who deemed him fit to be let off probation. Earlier the same judge had ordered his arrest after gun shots were heard at a nightclub he was visiting.

However, he was let off easy for good behavior and the fact that he had nothing to do with the gunshot incident. Brown said later on that he really wanted to improve his existence and work on being an ideal citizen. Even his therapist said that he had really shown remarkable improvements in impulse control and was a more sober and serious man then his previous self.  

Earlier on Chris Brown had tweeted the message that everyone should pray for him since he was about to face his probation decision. Then when he was let off the hook he thanked the Lord for the reprieve in his suffering.

His attorney, Mark Geragos, had a field day convincing the judge that Chris was now an innocent person who had long since left behind his controversial past of girlfriend-bashing and fight-provoking behavior in order to pursue a more upright and clean image of being Mr. Right.

Although Chris had beaten Rihanna to within an inch of her life back in 2009, later on ironically she fell for him and the two got back together again. This seemed to be a paradox but it was true. There is something about bad boys like Chris.

No matter how they treat their female counterparts (who are of course bad girls), these girls cannot help coming back into their arms. Nice guys finish last. And all the feminist spiel cannot compete with the final fact which is that a man and a woman are really just made for each other no matter how many conflicts they engage in.    


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