Chromecast offers Fun Family Games to enjoy the Holidays

Chromecast offers Fun Family Games to enjoy the Holidays

  • Chromecast is now closing the app gap with Apple TV and Roku.

Chromecast is an easy way of enjoying online videos and music. Chromecast has added many amazing new apps in order to make your holidays pleasurable.

Just before the holidays Chromecast has added some amazing apps. These apps will make your holidays pleasurable and enjoyable. Over the past few years Chromecast has added more than hundreds of apps and these apps have become a necessity for people then a luxury.

Chromecast has bought internet on your Television sets with the help of Chrome tab casting and Android mirroring. So if you are looking forward to a peaceful evening on which you can relax and watch your favorite holiday movie or you want to play your favorite game, then Chromecast can help you. As it has something for everyone. 

You can now play amazing games such as Wheel of fortunes with the help of your phone and Television set. Chromecast allows you to use your tablet or your phone as the controller and your Television screen as the scoreboard. You can also play various classics, including Scrabble Blitz, Hasbro’s Monopoly Dash, Simon Wipe and Connect Four Quads on your big Television screen with the help of Chromecast. More than 50 game titles are present on the Official support page of Chromecast in order to facilitate family fun on your Television screen. 

In case you like to dance around, you should check out the Just Dance Now app. You can also flaunt your mental moves with the help of BigWeb Quiz. This app uses Google Knowledge Graph to create hundreds of questions. 

You don’t have to own a specific or any extra controller in order to enjoy these games during your holiday. Any Smartphone or tablet will do. The only thing you and your family have to do in order to enjoy these games is download them either from the App Store or from the Google Play Store. 

Now with the help of Showtime Anytime you can enjoy all the current seasons and also catch up on the previous ones. The network’s original seasons, including The Affair, Homeland and many more are now available on your Television Set via your Android phones.

Not only this, you can now enjoy the first season of Outlanders and a Friday night of movie marathon with the help of Starz play app.  In order to use both of these apps, you need to have an active subscription. You can authenticate your account via satellite provider or your cable provider. The app update for Showtime has not appeared, but we are really looking forward to it. 

Google’s Cast Technology is a must thing in order to use Chromecast apps. This technology allows the content from your Android or iOS Phone or tablet app to appear on your Television screen. The process works very well, but since it requires a tablet or a phone it is less convenient as compared to traditional streaming box’s native app. Googles Android TV operating system and Google’s new Nexus Player also support Cast technology. 

Source: Google Chrome Blog

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