Claudia Romani is the Hottest Soccer Referee

Claudia Romani is the Hottest Soccer Referee

Claudia Romani / Facebook


Italian model Claudia Romani has a professional referee license. She already tried on her referee uniform. See the pics below.

Italian model Claudia Romani is trending right now around the world as the sexiest Soccer referee the world will ever see. 32-year-old Claudia Romani has according to a MailOnline report a fully qualified referee license for Italian Serie A and Serie B matches.

According to the report Romani said about her new career path: “Running around on the pitch with all those players and calling the shots is just an irresistible opportunity.”

If she ever will lead a Serie A soccer game remains to be seen. It will be for sure not in the referee outfit she wears in the photos below. The question fi this story is actually true is also on the table. Claudia Romani uploaded the photos wearing the skimpy referee outfit just days before halloween. But who cares. The photos of Claudia Romani wearing referee uniform are smoking hot. Soccer fans can just dream about a referee like her calling a Champions League game. She would be referee and cheerleader in the same person.

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