COD Advanced Warfare Multiplayer: A Game to Reckon With

COD Advanced Warfare Multiplayer: A Game to Reckon With


The COD (Call of Duty) Advanced Warfare gets a new “One Shot” multiplayer mode and it sure is a game to be reckoned with.

COD Advanced Warfare is a game that beats the rest of the child’s play hands down. It contains a One Shot feature that is cool to the extreme. It is a simulated gameplay meant for snipers.

The multiplayer capability ensures that each level of sniper ability could be tested and gauged via a special weapon on the screen. The parent organization and game maker for COD is Sledgehammer Games. And it has started a new platform on the COD structure that goes by the name of One Shot.

With over five grades, each one of the sniper levels is equipped with firearms and a number of tools-of-the-trade. The choices are multiple and can get a little confusing. Yet, the chance at a hit-and-run is only one. That means it is one life, no return, no deposits.

It’s time to open up your closets and shout out “I am what I am”. With COD that one-in-a-million chance can be yours provided you can show some guts…no ifs, ands, ors or buts! After all, without some courage life ain’t worth a damn!  

The COD game is quite a hit among the crowd of gamers. It offers perks and thrills. The interest shown in this series of maneuvers on the display screen is awfully high. And especially the teenage and young adult demographic from the general population absolutely loves this game of games.

You get extra points for the skills you show and the game is fair and square. There is no retreat and no surrender once you enter the shoot to kill sweepstakes. It is indeed one of the highlights of this year…this exciting and delightful game.

The game basically road-tests your shooting skills with precision and accuracy. This /4/even be useful in real life although reality is far more complex an affair than a contrived and simulated environment on screen.

All the freaks and geeks are going to drool over this manipulable man-toy. The very word “One Shot” makes for a realistic game. Since life too is something you only experience once, this chance at shooting the opponent is an examination of one’s existential anxiety and life skills.

The hard choices one has to make determine one’s outcome in this game of “grace under pressure” and “courage on fire”. Test your shooting skills by getting your hands on one!   

Get full details about new COD Advanced Warfare Multiplayer on official website.

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