CES 2015: Toshiba will introduce Ultra HD 2D / 3D Switching Displays that do not require Glasses

CES 2015: Toshiba will introduce Ultra HD 2D / 3D Switching Displays that do not require Glasses

Toshiba developed the use of low crosstalk Liquid Crystal Lens technology bare as Ultra HD display screens with alternation between 2D / 3D modes that do not require glasses.

Toshiba Corporation has developed a new technology for 3D displays which will no longer require the use of special 3D glasses. The new displays will have a GRIN lens for LCD, low-crosstalk 1 HD 2 and 4K LCD panel, 15 inch.

Through this technology Toshiba has developed a highly portable and compact screen that changes from 2D to 3D and a high definition resolution and 4K resolution. This new technology by Toshiba will be launched at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2015 which will take place next week in Las Vegas.

Toshiba has developed and marketed large-screen 3D TVs that do not require the use of 3D glasses by users and laptop computers. After a lot of hard work and establishing new technologies Toshiba reached this innovation and brought to the world the first medical display of 3D without the need of glasses.

Toshiba reached this new innovation of 3D screens by developing a new system of GRIN lens, LCD, HDTV, with low crosstalk. This does not suffer any kind of degradation in image brightness in 3D mode and does not denote any deterioration in the quality images of 2D mode.

This new GRIN lens system reduces abnormal alignment of the liquid crystal molecules near the boundary of the crystal lens. This helps in the reduction of crosstalk by 2% compared to the 5% in the standard 3D display.

Now this has been achieved by Toshiba by optimizing the make of the liquid crystal molecules and the angle of the liquid crystal GRIN lens with respect to the polarization direction of the liquid crystal panel.

Through the combining of this technology with an LCD panel 3D has increased more than five fold its resolution. Due to this the users are allowed to view high quality images on the same screen used for 2D images.

Recently Toshiba has revealed its plans to merge its new technology with a partial function that is 2D/3D toggle. Toshiba has plans to apply this to any size and screen position which points towards its rapid industrial B2B marketing and medical products.  

For those who do not know what crosstalk is, it basically indicates the separation performance parallax images in 3D mode and the lower the cross talk the higher the definition! Then we talked about GRIN. GRIN stands for Gradient Index Lens.

Toshiba seems will make a huge impact in the TVs sector at the CES 2015 with Samsung and LG already introducing their new and innovative TVs. Samsung is planning to bring its new 4K resolution TV while LG plans on bring ultra slim LED TVs.

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The CES 2015 will start from the 6th of January and end on the 9th of January. It will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada. More than 3500 exhibitors will be present at the CES 2015 showcasing their new innovations. 

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