Lindsay Ellingson Instagram Pics are Hot

Lindsay Ellingson Instagram Pics are Hot

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The Instagram pics of Lindsay Ellingson depict her fresh and fit side. She looks absolutely gorgeous in them.

As an American model, Lindsay Ellingson is a true blonde. She is an under-contract VS Angel too. Growing up in sunny California, Lindsay began her stint on the fashion catwalks about ten odd years ago. She got hitched with her boyfriend Sean Clayton a year ago too. 

Lindsay Ellingson is a major part of the Victoria’s Secret Angels and she is tall to boot. At a towering 5 feet and 11 inches she stands miles above the rest. The blonde beauty with the light blue eyes is the ever-sure-footed seductress and hails from the golden state of California. Now that gives “Cali-fornication” a whole new meaning. She takes extra good care of her health by eating a breakfast of Greek yogurt and fruits along with almond milk.

Ellingson loves the nightlife. She longs to go on a yoga retreat to India someday. She also loves tourism and couldn’t do without her pet pooch. Her makeup makes her look like a stunner and dazzler and it is all in the secret she possesses (or her makeover specialist). And the runway hairstyle she has especially done for herself alone is so complicated that it would make anyone else balk But not Lindsay Ellingson. 

Lindsay Ellingson Hottest Instagram Pics.

Lindsay Ellingson is a bold and beautiful belle. She specializes in some mean yoga moves which she practices in her free time for the sake of keeping fit as a fiddle. And like mentioned before, she takes extra care as far as diet and nutrition is concerned.

She loved to stretch her body since it feels so good. She was in Vancouver recently for a show. Her Victoria’s Secret runway look was one of golden steel wings which reflected the blue background and backdrop.

Then the Swarovski Crystal demeanor was beyond belief as well in its ability to mesmerize. She wore a sheer black velvety dress at the after-party and it had a see-through top through which you could see her sexy black brassiere.

See The Sexiest Lindsay Ellingson Photos from Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2014.

Lindsay Ellingson has 583 K followers on Instagram and 122K on twitter. She compiled a long list of pics of herself on Instagram. The first one shows her holding a Christmas Tree that is decorated with all sorts of colorful trinkets and baubles. She looks supersmart.

Then in the next picture she is holding a cocker spaniel and showing a kissy face. She is in a bellydancer dress in the third pic. Ellingson is looking very fresh and charming in another pic where she wears a multicolored skirt and see-through white blouse. Her smile is radiant indeed.

Her wedding photo shows her dancing with and kissing her hubby-to-be. Then she is shown in a dark blue cardigan with dark blue jeans. She is again very beautiful in this pic. Lindsay can be seen blowing kisses at the Angel’s ball. 

Another pic which shows her at her all time best is in a chocolate and cream colored dress. She strikes various poses and looks to be the epitome of feminine pride and prettiness. Then she is shown pouting as makeup is applied to her lips.

Best Instagram Pics of Lindsay Ellingson.

In another photograph she is in the arms of her husband and they are about to kiss each other. In a black coat with a bra beneath it, Lindsay appears to be back in black! There is the experience of a lifetime as she appears to be a heavenly being come to earth in the show. Lindsay Ellingson is wearing golden flared-out wings and has the body of Venus.

At the after party, her appearance in a dark blue silk dress made her stand out from the rest. Her golden tresses are being styled in another photo and she blows a kiss towards the camera. Next up, in a white bra and panties, Ellingson has blue ostrich-like feathers around her collar and torso making her look like an exotic creature from the empyrean heights.

One of her most sexiest of photos show her in a black biker jacket with part of her cleavage revealed from the opened zipper. Finally, two of her most drop dead gorgeous outfits include a purple bra and Technicolor ensemble that made her look like an animated Japanese doll.

Lindsay Ellingson is the coolest and the hippest of VS Angels. That’s for sure!    

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