ColdCan: A New Concept In Keeping Drinks Chilled

ColdCan: A New Concept in Keeping Drinks Chilled

ColdCan Kickstarter

Drinking soft drinks or chilled beer has just undergone a revision of sorts. ColdCan is a new concept that allows space age insulation to keep your coolants even cooler.

The technology that is used to achieve the impossible is spacesuit wrapping and insulation. It doesn’t allow any heat to penetrate the container. In the past 20 years or so, there have been many spinoffs from various fields that have benefitted humanity. 

One of the largely ignored areas was the sphere of drinking cold drinks. In America alone over 274 million beverages get consumed in a single day. That’s a lot of chug-a-lug drinks per yearly basis. 

The days of using the outdated foam koozie cups are over. So the explorative experimentation process began to find an insulation material that would keep drinks cold for a long time. From the first gulp to the last drop, the goal was to allow the ice-cold effect to remain intact. 

So T.J. Henderson & Justin McCullough thought, “What if we were to design a new beverage insulator, using superior design and technology, modern manufacturing techniques, with an eye on solving as many issues related to drinking from beverage containers? How would we do that, in the best way possible?” And that’s how ColdCan was born.

CryoLok modular attachment system was applied in the design process. These systems attach with ease on top of the other components of ColdCan. 

“CryoLok locks easily, but firmly, together with various ColdCan attachments. The ColdCan Core acts as the body of the ColdCan and fits a 12 ounce can.  The ColdCan Core locks with the ColdCan Riser, to expand the container to hold most 16 ounce cans. And like the ColdCan Riser, the lid uses CryoLok fittings and attaches to the top of the container, to seal your beverages, or on bottom for convenient carrying while you drink. This modular system will allow us to expand the ColdCan to fit your life in many ways.” 

Everybody enjoys chilled drinks that don’t lose their polar personality till the last sip. In order to make this possible, ColdCan uses Cryogel, which is the selfsame material used in NASA spacesuits. And while it has a highly exorbitant rate, it works in a jiffy. 

CyroLok system will also make it possible for the ColdCan creators to produce additional attachments like a bottle attachment , a cup or water bottle attachments, dry storage of food attachment and more. 

The whole system of interlocking cylinders and rings make for a highly insulated container that is guaranteed to keep whatever you pour into it cool as a cucumber. And the good thing is that the product comes with a lifetime guarantee. 

Within the past two years this invention has picked up speed in its completion process. Today it is available in a variety of colors and types. The project was introduced on Kickstarter and it is currently gathering momentum as the ideal method of keeping your liquid needs totally chilled and ice-cold. 

You can now pledge minimum $1 to back this project, if you like it. 147 backers have pledged $10,035 till now. But the goal is to raise a total of $80,000 in the 27 days left. This project will only be funded if at least $80,000 is pledged by Tue, /7/3 2014 6:30 PM PDT.

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