CostCo Black Friday 2014 Sale again Not On Thanksgiving Day

CostCo Black Friday 2014 Sale again Not On Thanksgiving Day

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  • CostCo closed on Thanksgiving Day

CostCo sticks with its tradition to not open on Thanksgiving Day for Black Friday sales.

Black Friday has moved to Thanksgiving Day over the past years. Every year more stores open on Thanksgiving and the store opening hours move up. Kmart and Walmart will be open all day Thanksgiving. Kmart is even starting the Black Friday 2014 sale in the morning. When Walmart pulls the trigger on the first wave of Doorbuster deals is not known yet. On of the remaining big stores that stays closed on Thanksgiving Day is CostCo Wholesale. The membership retailer has six Holidays closed this year including Thanksgiving Day.

This week reports surfaced about Costco keeping its doors closed on Thanksgiving Day. It appears that Costco tries to get out some positive PR for the fact that they stay closed on Thanksgiving Day. The Huffington Post titled their story with “Costco Still Refuses To Ruin Thanksgiving” and Consumerist wrote: “Costco Takes Unusual Stance That Retail Employees Should Have Thanksgiving Day Off.” The source of the reports is progressive political blog named ThinkProgress. The also carry a statement from a Costco spokesperson saying: “Our employees work especially hard during the holiday season and we simply believe that they deserve the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with their families. Nothing more complicated than that.”

I do not really like the idea of a Black Thursday in stores. I think that Thanksgiving Day is good for the online Black Friday sales and that Black Friday in stores should open Black Friday morning at a reasonable hour. This would make things easier for shoppers and retail workers. Thanksgiving Day would still have a certain tranquility. The driver though for the earlier Black Friday opening times is money. Retailers want to take your money as early as possible and before you spend it at a competitor.

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When is Black Friday 2014? Black Friday 2014 is on November 28th.
Again Black Friday retailers will have a whole month to market Black Friday 2014 deals. We will  bring you extensive news, ads, deals and reviews of all what Black Friday 2014 has to offer and will guide you to the hottest bargains like we did in the past years.

The Black Friday sales event is bigger than ever and extends into the steadily growing Cyber Monday sales event. Cyber Monday 2014 will be on December 1, 2014.

Check out the lists of the best Black Friday 2013 Deals the best Cyber Monday 2013 Deals, to set your exceptions to which deals you can expect this year. It is not clear yet if we will see any new hot product trends for 2014. So far it looks like we will again focus on TVs, Tablets and smartphones. Last year the new Xbox One and PS4 did not play a role in Black Friday sales. That will change this year. We will see great Sony PS4 Black Friday 2014 deals and Xbox One Black Friday 2014 Deals.


Check out Black Friday 2014 Countdown to find out how many days are left to wait until Black Friday 2014. New to Black Friday? Check out this in-depth report on the history and secrets of Black Friday.

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