Could Apple make apps for Blackberry?

Could Apple make apps for Blackberry?

Net neutrality could make that possible

It has always been known that Blackberry allows for people who have iPhones to be able to download and use Blackberry’s BBM service. Apple on the other hand does not allow Android or Blackberry users to be able to use or download iPhone’s messaging service. Netflix is another company that does not allow for Blackberry users to use their service as well. If it is up to Blackberry CEO John Chen that could change. Chen has written a letter to the members of the United States Senate that emphasis the law of net neutrality. Chen believes that all internet and mobile device providers should be able to share all information with each other and there should be no limitations as to what providers can share to internet users who access their services.

Chen says that the internet and internet providers these days can be compared to companies and people who built railroads back in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. Chen added that the apps that go with the specific providers are like the railroad cars that ride on these railroad tracks. Chen believes that these ‘tracks’ should be neutral because it would allow for any and every internet provider to be to operate and work and coexist together. Neutralizing the apps would mean that app developers would have to develop codes for all the different tracks that it would have to travel on and that would be very hard to do.

Chen went on to add that net neutrality would mean a bigger and faster internet service amongst providers. Net neutrality would mean in Chen’s words ‘a free, open, and non-discriminatory internet’. He believes that consumers should be able to freely access any internet provider and their apps regardless of their operating system.

With this being said, the wheels have started to roll for the reality of net neutrality in the United States. If it is to happen, it can all be attributed to the efforts of Blackberry CEO John Chen.

Source: Blackberry

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