Cree’s Connected LED Bulb Is A Remarkable Innovation In Lighting Solutions

Cree's Connected LED Bulb is a Remarkable Innovation in Lighting Solutions

  • Cree’s New Connected LED Bulb Delivers Superior Lighting Experience
  • New Cree Smart Bulb is Compatible with Market-Leading Platforms including Zigbee and Wink Hubs

Cree has launched the first of its kind smart bulb called “Connected Cree LED Bulb” that provides the lighting experience with multi-platform compatibility and affordability. This 60-watt replacement Connected Cree LED Bulb’s price is just $14.97 while it is compatible with Wink and ZigBee certified hubs.

The recent innovations that have taken place over the years when it comes to efficient energy utilization are staggering. One of those innovative lightning revolution is led by Cree. They are the leaders in efficient and lossless energy utilization lighting solutions.

Over the years Cree always came with new and innovative designs with are beautifully and uniquely designed products. Now their recent achievement is being lauded by the world in the form of a revolutionary connected light bulb which is not only programmable depending on the consumers’ requirements but also have the capability of smart dimming and has the estimated life of 25,000 hours. 

What sets it apart from the rest of the smart-home products is that is affordable with all the functionality, whereas normally the small smart bulbs are relatively expensive. The build quality is phenomenal where it is housed in compact, sturdy and shock resistant housing.

The light emitted from the bulb is optically balanced and is pleasing to the eye. Cree’s smart bulb is available in amazing 815 lumens and emits appeasing color temperatures with just a 60-watt energy consumption.

Connected Cree LED bulb can not only be controlled by a smartphone but also comes with 3 years warranty and estimated life time of 25,000 hours which means that it will lasts for years on end.

The cost savings when deploying this bulb would be staggering as it consumes 81% less energy as compared to a normal bulb, which is outstanding. Not only this, it is also compatible with home automation platforms such as Apple and HomeKit and the smartphone app will be adapted to new platforms and updates continuously.

With its sturdy and durable build quality it is designed to last for years and can also stand to rough usage, but seeing its exceptional lifetime and more than adequate lumens it is unlikely that the bulb will need to be replaced or adjusted for the time to come.  

As the world is growing and becoming more connected day-by-day the pressure on fulfilling the energy needs of the world is increasing exponentially. With companies like Cree and their remarkable products we can be sure that energy wastage will diminish in the energy hungry world that we live in today.

The new 60-watt replacement Connected Cree LED Bulb price is just $14.97 and it will be available for sale online and in The Home Depot stores later this month.

Get more details about Cree Connected LED Bulb specifications and installment.

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