Curved OLED TV Unveiled By Chinese KTC

Curved OLED TV unveiled by Chinese KTC

Chinese company KTC unveiled a curved OLED TV. The KTC 55L83F is the first curved OLED TV on the Chinese market.

China’s KTC unveiled today a curved OLED TV. The KTC 55L83F is the first curved TV launched to the market in China. KTC’s curved OLED TV 55L83F is as thin as 8mm and lighter than an LCD TV since it uses an OLED panel.

OLED TVs weigh less than 20% of a comparable LCD TV. The LCD panels use a heavy glass substrate while OLED panels use a flexible substrate made of organic materials. The color gamut coverage of the KTC 55L83F is 115%, which is 25% higher than that of a standard LCD TV. The response time (0.001ms) of OLED panels is 20 times faster than what the human eye can detect. 

There is no pricing information and shipping date available yet.

LG has curved OLED TVs on the US market with the LG 55EC9300 and other models.

Established in 1993, Shenzhen KTC Technology Group specializes in the manufacturing of flat panel display terminal products. Via KTC.

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