Dakota Johnson steals Underwear from Fifty Shades of Grey Set

Dakota Johnson steals Underwear from Fifty Shades of Grey Set

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Dakota Johnson considers playing Anastasia Steele in the FIFTY SHADES OF GREY the biggest sacrifice of her life in a Q&A with Glamour Magazine UK!

Recently Dakota Johnson the star of the Fifty Shades of Grey films sat down with Glamour magazine UK for a Question and Answer session on Twitter. The actress playing the role of Anastasia Steel shared a lot of her thought and some /4/come as a surprise to all. 

The Fifty Shades of Grey film although not very favourable to the critics is a box office hit with a domestic gross of more than $93 million and an international gross of more than $172 million. The total production budget of the movie was only $40 million. So Fifty Shades of Grey is undeniably the biggest box office openers of the year, But, Dakota Johnson considers the role to be the biggest sacrifice of her life.   

Johnson explained during the Q&A session the whole world gets to see her naked and it was a sacrifice she had to make for the sake of the role of Anastasia Steele. Johnson was asked a multitude of question and she gave some very enlightening answers. 

When asked what sort of advice she would impart to a girl in Ana’s situation, Johnson advised to remain strong to true to one. Johnson further revealed the negotiation scene was her favourite moment from the film and the most difficult scene to shoot was the interview scene due to the technicalities involved. 

When asked if it was awkward meeting her co-star Jamie Dornan’s wife, Dakota Johnson replied with a negative and described Dornan’s spouse as and incredible, beautiful and glorious woman. The interview also revealed Johnson’s amazing ability to be able to balance stuff on her head and the one actor she is awaiting to work with is Kristen Wig. 

Johnson nicked two items from the Fifty Shades of Grey set, the Underwear (They were comfortable!) and the Flogger (It’s collecting dust in her garage!). Is Dakota Johnson looking forward to Fifty shades of Darker, the next instalment in the trilogy? ABSOLUTELY in her own words!

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