Justin Bieber egged in the New Promo for Comedy Central Roast

Justin Bieber egged in the New Promo for Comedy Central Roast

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Justin Bieber egged in the new promo for Comedy Central Roast to be aired on March 30th on Bieber’s 21st Birthday.

Justin Bieber is the new subject of Comedy Central’s latest roast. In a preview for the upcoming special Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber we see the pop star’s shirtless and tattooed torso being pelted with eggs. When the promo starts we see Bieber mugging and flexing his impressive muscles before the yolk descends. A series of eggs start hitting Bieber in slow motion, while the singer doesn’t even flinch. However at the end Bieber whips an egg back at the camera, proving his dark side is still present in some dark recess of his subconscious. 

The clip lasts or 30 seconds and the overly dramatic theme of “O Fortuna” plays as the background score. The closing tag and the caption of the clip are ‘Come and Get It’ (You know like the song Bieber’s ex- Selena Gomez sang!). The promo was posted by Bieber himself on his Facebook.

The clip is a tribute to the 2014 incident in which Bieber egged the house of his neighbour in a display of childish outburst, in retaliation to the neighbour’s complaint about loud parties and noise. The incident cost Bieber 1 count of vandalism in court and he served 5 days of community service along with a fine of $80,900 to the neighbour. 

The Comedy Central Bieber special Roast will be hosted by Kevin Hart and is a special collaboration in part from Bieber as his birthday approaches. Kevin Hart took the opportunity to roast Bieber especially and believes Bieber has given him a lot of material to roast his ass out.

The special will air on 30th of March the 21st birthday of Justin Bieber and will probably mark the start of his road to redemption. Bieber previously posted an apology video on his Facebook profile for his bad behaviour and the roast seems to be the next step. 

According to Comedy Central in the roast special Justin Bieber will realize how defenceless houses feel. The trend #BieberRoast has already gone viral. Bieber shared on his twitter he has wanted Comedy Central to roast him and has worked hard towards the goal.

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