Dancing With The Stars: Chris Soules And Robert Herjavec Eliminated

Dancing With the Stars: Chris Soules and Robert Herjavec Eliminated

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Chris Soules and Robert Herjavec were eliminated in the eighth week of DWTS. They tried their best but the best was not good enough.

Chris Soules and Robert Herjavec of DWTS were usually seen to be defeating others on the show. But this time around it seems that bad luck came knocking on the door. Both got sacked from DWTS and they will be heading home to dance in front of their individual mirrors with hairbrushes in place of microphones in their hands. And to think, that this is just seven days before the semifinals. 

Everybody recognizes Soules as that star from The Bachelor. And Robert is often to be seen on Shark Tank. The fact that these two prominent members of the dancing celebs were outvoted and sent packing is a sign of just how unpredictable the scenario on the platform happens to be. The two seem to have been doing well but they have also been fighting to improve their styles of schmoozing of late. 

The #DWTS results show includes #DanceCenter and a double elimination, and it all begins NOW!Posted by Dancing with the Stars on Tuesday, /4/5, 2015

While Chris Soules’ body mechanics were getting better he still was not up to the mark that was expected of him. Soules is a farmhand from the state of Iowa. Yet he was ahead of Herjavec. Herjavec ended up at the bottom of the list which was quite a shame. And while Herjavec was very rickety in his performances, his wide smile that reached from ear to ear was something that still managed to give him some extra points with the audience. 

Tonight, it’s a #DWTS Double Elimination at 8|7c on ABC. Who will go home?Posted by Dancing with the Stars on Tuesday, /4/5, 2015

When Herjavec got to know that he would not be dancing on the show anymore he gave a bear hug to his partner Kym Johnson. When he was questioned as to how he and his partner would fare later on, Herjavec answered in an offhand manner saying that it was good to have experienced the DWTS scene. 

He furthermore said that the platform was such a source of inspiration and a stimulus to appetites everywhere. He had a very warm and close rapport with Kym while on the show. As for Soules, he got the message of rejection at the end of the show and he was in tears. He just couldn’t stop sobbing. But when asked about how he felt on the occasion of leaving the show, he said that it had been a wonderful time for him while he had danced away on stage to accompanying cheers from the audience.    

Witney Carson, the partner of Soules especially commended him for his optimism and passion. The eliminations of the eighth week were bound to take place. And so what happened is best taken with a grain of salt. 

This was unreal. Shaping Sound Dance Co. blew us away on tonight’s #DWTS!Posted by Dancing with the Stars on Tuesday, /4/5, 2015

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