Danger of Long Lashes: Long Lashes are Bad for Eyes

Danger of Long Lashes: Long Lashes are Bad for Eyes

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A new study Shows that the danger of long lashes is that they are bad for eyes.

For centuries, women have used numerous methods to increase the length of their eyes, whether they are applying layer upon layer of mascara or by wearing extensions to give length. For a long time the importance of the eyelash was overlooked and no one ever considered the danger of long lashes.  

Recent studies have shown that there is a danger of long lashes and that long lashes bad for eyes essentially. Previously the assumption was that having long lashes would help protect the eyes from dirt particles and from drying out, all the while giving women a more seductive look and increasing their femininity. 

Yet studies have shown through research on numerous mammals in the animal kingdom that the ideal length for eyes is one third the width of the eye. Anything shorter or longer is bad for the eyes. One reason why Long lashes are bad for eyes is actually fairly simple, the danger of long lashes is that they channel more airflow and dirt into the eyes rather than away from it, causing dryness and irritation. 

During the danger of long lashes studies, scientists were able to determine that there is a zone of stagnant, this zone is created in front of the eye by the eyelashes as we blink. This zone ensures that dirt particles and such do not go into the eye and that the airflow is diverted reducing the evaporation of moisture in the eye, these are only two of the most obvious reasons why long lashes bad tor eyes, research has shown there are more harmful dangers of long lashes and the reasons why we should keep our eye lashes a normal length.

Long lashes are bad for eyes in other ways that are far more harmful than could be imagined. The danger of long lashes, are quite severe and can ultimately hinder our eyesight. To gain long lashes we use mascara which, when applied enough times can actually pull lashes out, reducing the amount and therefore there are more chances of dirt particles and getting air through. 

The danger of long lashes also exists when we apply extensions, the glue used most often is created with formaldehyde and benzoic acid, both of these chemicals are very harmful to the cornea, which is our window to the world, not only is the glue harmful, but the repetitive application of false eyelashes causes a condition known as Traction Alopecia, this is when the lashes start to fall out from excessive tension. 

Keeping this in mind,  those are only one reason why extensions for long lashes are bad for eyes, as they grow out the extensions have a tendency to point inwards directly to the cornea, which can lead to corneal abrasion.

To avoid the danger of long lashes, eye lashes should be kept at their natural length, which will ensure that the eye is protected and excessive application of chemicals should be avoided. 

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