Danica Patrick and Joey Logano made Up

Danica Patrick and Joey Logano made Up

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NASCAR drivers Danica Patrick and Joey Logano crashed two weeks ago. The two drivers have talked though since and there are no bad feelings going into the race on the coming weekend.

Danica Patrick and Joey Logano have been in a crash two weeks ago at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Danica Patrick got pushed by Logano and she went spinning into the wall. Joey Logano told NASCAR.com that he talked with Patrick and that the came to a good conclusion. He said: “We’ve actually talked about it since then and I feel like we’ve come to a good conclusion of what happened there. That’s in the past; that’s in the mirror and we’ll move forward.”

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series is moving to Martinsville Speedway this weekend. Danica Patrick’s car will again have the pink design for Breast Cancer awareness, but with a new twist. Stewart Haas Racing (SHR) announced that addition to the pink paint scheme designed to raise awareness for breast cancer, the car will also feature a multitude of names of those affected by the disease.

Fans who donated at least $10 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation through www.GoDaddy.com/Donate got their name or a loved one’s name on the car. Fans, SHR and GoDaddy employees, crew chief Tony Gibson’s wife Beth, and even Patrick put names on the car of people they care about who have been affected by breast cancer. 

There are hundreds of names on the car and it is a fitting way to end October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Just after driver introductions at Sunday’s race at Martinsville, Patrick will present a check to the National Breast Cancer Foundation for $50,000 on behalf of GoDaddy. It’s all part of GoDaddy’s initiative to “Put the Brakes on Breast Cancer.”

Danica Patrick says about the race in Martinsville: “Two extremes going from Talladega to the short track. I had a great car in the spring of 2013 at Martinsville, so the challenge for me this time around will be to not downshift from fourth to third when I come out of the pits and over-rev the engine (in practice) and have to start from the back, or crash my primary car in practice like in the fall. We actually qualified well there this year but needed to finish better. Hopefully we can do that. It’s a short track and those leaders are on you very quickly if you don’t have a good qualifying run. Qualify better and let it play out from there.”

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